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One thing is certain however, the ceasefire and the peace process are gone for the moment.
You reflect on how the previous season has gone for a day or two, but you don't dwell on it too much.
The days of Jed Clampett finding an oil gusher in his back garden are perhaps gone for good.
Yet by the early part of the 20th century, the idea had been discredited and seemed to have gone for good.
Unless the 'No' campaign comes up with cast-iron proposals, a lot of people who have gone for devo max may support independence.
Had I gone for the full three course meal, I could have started with a choice of gourmet soup or seafood chowder.
Now is the chance to prove to your acquaintances that the days of small cucumber sandwiches and dainty cakes have not gone for good!
Most of them have opted for the roast lamb and roast potatoes, and a surprising number have also gone for sponge and custard.
The solution they have gone for is flyovers that promise only to sweep Delhi's traffic problems from one area to another.
The Sun Herald has gone for more glossy inserts, like the Sunday Tele, but so far that hasn't rubbed off on circulation.
In his opinion, if you were in with that crowd, then you were too far gone for saving.
We'd gone for dinner, and we'd had what was to become our standard fare of a fantastic range of fresh seafood.
His performance has been steady, but he also has overthrown several open receivers on plays that should have gone for touchdowns.
He's gone for a lot of French players but French football is on a real high at the moment.
The sun had gone for the time being but the memory of it stayed with me, sweet and languid, discouraging activity of any kind.
A friend of mine has gone for an ascetic existence, having denounced the demon drink, and even resolved to stop swearing.
Suzuki has gone for vertically stacked headlights and no-maintenance LED-type rear tail lights.
This is the 21st century, and no matter how badly some people want to fight it, the buttoned-up attitudes of the 1950s are gone for good.
The angry sorcerers and sorceresses attacked the remaining wolves at once, until all of them were gone for good.
Adam, you son of a gun, if I'da seen her first, there's no way she would have gone for you, not with me around.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If once they were vanquished, it was all over with the Africander people, and all chance of a revival would be gone for ever.
To them psychologists like mosso have gone for studies of the emotion of fear.
The ancient home of the Middle Dutch Reformed had also gone for secular purposes.
And after they had gone for many miles, they came across Little Miss Muffet who sat on a tuffet.
If I ever had any doubts about materialization, they're gone, now, and gone for good.
Echecrates seems to have been the locrian philosopher to whom Plato is believed to have gone for some of his early instruction.
Oliver has gone for a brisk walk, to keep fit he said, as if it made any difference whether he kept fit or not.
Emilia had gone for a few weeks to the mountains, with the household of which she was a guest.
He had, he said, but gone for a while that I might be the freer for my devotions.
She was excitingly plump, round and a little jiggly, the kind of woman Alan had always gone for.
There was not an enchanter to whom she had not gone for advice, even if he lived a week's journey off.
The soreness will work out and be gone for good after a few lessons.
His dilettantish manner was gone for good, as was also his foppish beard.
Words have been exchanged in the dressing room while Guzan has gone for a self-analysis solution to the problem.
I land in France as Mrs. warton, and the old life is gone for ever.
That peculiar blend of divine right and demagogy is gone for ever.
But McColl has advised both Murray and Blin to keep their hands in their pockets until Green has gone for good.
Their father and mother had gone for the day to a county fair.
The federalists know that, eo nomine, they are gone for ever.
If we made a false prophecy on such a subject, our prestige would be gone for ever, and so would Ignosi's chance of the throne of the Kukuanas.
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