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I want to be able to go over to Brick Lane in the East End to eat a real, genuine London bagel.
He's a very personable individual, and they like it when they go over and stroke him.
Vacuum after each sanding, and then go over the floor with a damp mop to remove all the dust.
To go over the Andes by rail entailed very steep gradients indeed, and when I come to write about rack railways I will come back to them.
I felt I should no more drop out halfway than a junior officer would have hung back when ordering his troops to go over the top.
Use either cotton squares or a very soft clean washcloth and go over your face a few times.
Give me a buzz tomorrow if you'd like and I can go over the details with you.
Tomorrow I shall go over all my outgoings with a fine-tooth comb, looking for other savings.
If you want to go over the edge, wear sports shoes or slip-ons or moccasins on the feet.
He watches intently as the squad go over possible formations for tomorrow's game.
Republicans are willing to go over the fiscal cliff in a doomed effort to keep tax rates low for the highest income earners.
Do you want it to smarten up your jeans, go over floaty dresses, or be worn with tailoring?
At break I saw her and smiled but didn't go over as I was afraid of crowding her.
Later on, they go over to Harold's place, where funereal choir music is playing as everyone marches in, white-faced, for cuppas.
Touchpads are very sexy, I think, and the small gadgetry should go over very well.
Grant projects a steady threat of violence, as though he could go over the edge from debonair to deadly at any moment.
So, you are duty bound to go over to his site finish all the free liquor and help to demolish the birthday cake.
I'll go over for a few hours, have dinner with Mama and Papa, wish them goodbye and all that.
I demonstrated using the gouge to go over the line drawing on the linoleum's surface.
I go over to the first tee, to the putting green there, and wait for him to come by.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The lace cloth must also go over a refectory table without felt or other lining.
Spillane heard, for he saw him rise up cautiously on his knees, and with his hands go over both trolley-wheels.
If he didn't have that big typesetter from Albany over at the Banner office to back him up I'd go over an' bust his snoot fer him.
The chain plates, and the shrouds where they go over the mast should be looked at, and also the bobstay and other headgear.
Well, while His nibs is absorbing the bad news, we'll go over this once more.
When I see the feller go over, an' seen you start to'RDS the water, I jest took after the others.
I said to myself that reindeer ought to be shod, especially to go over the ice.
Let me get my breath, and then we will go over and open the parsonage windows.
I may go over the top some fine day and drop in on you like a hand grenade.
Well, well, I can always go over to Puseyism to spite my friends, and that's some comfort.
He would see them the first thing in the morning, and go over the lines with them and have them word-perfect by night.
I do not like a close shave, and would not let him go over me a second time.
But I should like to go over the ship with a fine-tooth comb, and then I should like to go over outside, thoroughly.
I'm glad I didn't, though a lot of the salmagundi men go over there and like it.
Take your lives to the exemplar in that fashion, and go over them bit by bit.
And do you go over to Lucca, and raise me a few Naps on my 'rose-amethyst' ring.
However, he consented to go over the place, followed by the Coupeaus and Boche.
In this state of perplexity, bui begged I would allow him to go over to Lumeresi and see what he could do with a present.
She'd evidently had the dowser go over the list of twenty-two dominated planets.
We've had some reports that some of the government machines are out of kilter, and I'd like you to go over them for me.
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