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Many terms and words in the glossary are described inaccurately at their best and downright erroneously at their worst.
In addition, there is a very extensive bibliography, a chronology, a glossary, and a list of acronyms.
Handily, there is a glossary, so that you, too, will know that a tufter is an old hound, and a stirk is a shorthorned bullock.
Handily, there is a glossary, so that you will know that a tufter is an old hound.
The end of the book includes a short glossary of terms to help readers with certain concepts such as bel canto, leitmotif and verismo.
For those unversed in the fractions and factions of Labour local politics, here is a glossary.
More than 250 historical photographs as well as a trilingual glossary supplement the text.
The book also includes a short glossary, a thorough bibliography, and seven appendices.
The editor provided a brief general introduction, a plain text in double columns per page, and a glossary at the end.
This text is followed by a selection of translated poems and a glossary of terms.
Objections to the general theory of evolution are presented in both Darwin's conclusion and glossary of terms.
Even with the aid of a glossary, a synopsis and a published text, I found large tracts of Marcia Layne's first play impenetrable.
Brief introductions preface each text, which is printed in double columns on the page, and there is a full glossary at the end of the book.
Table 1 is a glossary of terms used to describe the mechanical properties of steels.
The glossary is especially beneficial in the era of ever-increasing medical terms and acronyms.
It has a glossary of acronyms, 2 pages of hints and tips and a step by step guide to using the computer software.
The glossary contains explanations of abbreviations and terms used in this pamphlet.
Reverting back to a glossary distracts a reader from concentrating on the science in an article.
Uniquely he provides a glossary of Pakistani and Glaswegian words for those who might find navigation difficult.
In addition to the guides, the online help files include a contents section, a glossary and searching capabilities.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The orthography of his glossary differs considerably from the orthography of his text.
It is also a ready reference on all rulings and plays up to the present time, a condensed glossary on the game of skat.
The Mishna forms the text, and the Gemara is annexed as the comment or glossary.
Nares, in his glossary, says that crants is a German word, and probably Icelandic.
So much is this so that a glossary written by a friend of Spenser, in which old words were explained, was published with the Shepherd's Calendar.
Consult the new edition of Nares' glossary, voce Walsingham.
It is given in the glossary as one of the old names for the moon.
The eight-page glossary of characters in this new book is a who's who of physicists and military strategists.
It is designed to be brought to the exam, which allows the use of certain reference books, and is far more expansive than the typical review manual glossary.
For those terms that defy translation or require explanation, Kaplan has included a glossary, as well as helpful parenthetical notes where needed.
A simple Latin glossary and cartoony, colorful illustrations by Michelle Thoburn round out this charming picturebook for young and old Latin students alike.
Each illustration contains a small green frog it is fun to locate and some terms like Strapper and Picnic Races are explained in a brief glossary.
Smith's science is attractively advocated by Winchester, who has included some lovely line drawings of ammonites, a useful bibliography and a glossary of geological terms.
Ancillary materials include patterns for quilt squares and kepi, a glossary of 44 period terms, and a list of current reference works and websites.
In Mysophobia, 1992, the irrational fear of dirt or contamination is made more emphatic by the layering of the glossary definitions over a simulated black grease stain.
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