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The entrenched systems of control in the Arab world are beginning to give way.
But once the upper floors began to give way, terrible force was set in motion.
The river was wide at this point of crossing, and the ice could easily give way.
A determined battle can make sure that the Labour government is forced to give way.
The company resisted as far as it could, but was forced to give way under the joint pressure of the workers and the government.
It is distressing to see the impulse for integration give way to calls for segregation.
This nettles her at first and gradually the anger and irritation give way to a secret longing for him to look at her.
As we waited, annoyed discontent began to give way to barely controllable rage.
Unfortunately, as old houses and small lanes give way to skyscrapers, ancient trees have been chopped down.
A couple of years ago you could always rely on a lorry driver to give way and allow you to pass.
I constantly witness individuals exchanging obscenities because neither wishes to pull over and give way.
Traffic lights were green with a sign indicating that traffic making a left turn should give way.
Traffic emerging from Bradford should then give way, which all except left-hand drive vehicles can do readily without having a problem.
As El Nino strengthens, the northern jet will weaken and give way to a strong southern jet stream pattern.
Spring flowers give way to those gum balls, woody balls covered with curved spines and containing one or two winged seeds.
The intense colour and elegant bouquet give way to a rich, full-bodied wine with ripe fruit and polished tannins.
The aged timber cracked and the roof began to give way, spraying us with a shower of dirt and small debris.
If the weave is loose enough, elastic stretching may give way to pulling through of the fibres to bring about a permanent change of shape.
Laws made in the seventh century could finally give way to the needs of the 21st.
Hunting and tournaments, at least for some nobles, began to give way to a lively interest in culture and education.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Surely, for this may well give way all our paltry self-consciousness, our self-admiration and self-worships!
I shall give way to the extent of asking Captain banes to let him go with us.
The time soon came when he was forced to give way before the march of newfangledness.
The axman brought down his blade with his full strength three times, and the fibers of the tree cracked and began to give way.
In the autumn, when the ripening period arrives, light and actinism give way to a greater ratio of heat.
But the Asas besought him to give way, while Loki twitted him with cowardice.
Though shaken to his very center, the pride of the encyclopedist did not as yet give way.
The totem that is conceived as an animal ancestor may give way to other fanciful ancestral ideas or may intercross with them.
She closed her eyes and swayed slightly, but she did not collapse or give way.
I am a bear leader who daily trembles lest the muzzle should give way at last.
The daughter of Mr. Anthony begs me to give way a little, if it's only for our own sakes!
Still her voice did not falter, and my courage did not give way.
The hair, and motion of the shay, will do you good, mim, and you must not give way, you must not raly.
Then the gyves of his strong will give way as the withes fell from Samson.
If I once give way to favour or sentiment, I unhinge my whole system.
It's an apoplexy ye'll be contacting if ye give way to heat like this.
I always fancy I see people walking in these numerous paths and arbors, but John has cautioned me not to give way to fancy in the least.
But Colonel John was not one to give way to fears that might be baseless.
The musketeers, few in number, not being able, in the midst of this crowd, to make their horses wheel around, began to give way.
Bowen, one of the South's bravest generals, was the last to give way.
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