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Trying not to give in to the bleakness and misery of his surroundings, he is convinced that he is just one fighter away from success.
They give in to the temptation of adding scenes which only vulgarise the relationship.
Football is in danger of dying a painful death if it continues to give in to the greed of these players.
Your wealth will increase manifold but try not to give in to extravagant and impulsive buys.
I call upon the eight New Zealand vice-chancellors to stand firm and not give in to these bully-boy tactics.
Others give in to some influences, such as friends and peer pressure, but aren't so malleable that they can be forced to do doltish things.
This issue is simply too important to give in to gridlock and to accept inaction.
Parents who are overly permissive, who give in to obnoxious or demanding children, are letting them know that bullying pays off.
As he listened to the Christ teach, Satan understood why Jesus did not give in to temptations.
What Jackson did was an act of protest, not unlike what Rosa Parks committed when she refused to give in to a Jim Crow law.
And it's refreshing to find an artist who refuses to give in to bitterness and resentment.
I think it will be a long time before I give in to that hospitalist temptation.
When it comes time to carve the bird, you'll find that although it has already given its life, the duck doesn't easily give in to the cook.
I think it would be a stunningly bad idea to give in to the threats of the anarchist tendency.
I don't want him to see me give in to the weight of those urges because his dad has baited me.
Whether you sell early to cash in on the frenzy or sell later based on concrete information, it's your call, so don't give in to panic.
We can give in to inertia, even just the inertia of routine and business as usual.
No matter how much I'd like to regress and give in to senioritis, AMR will not let me do so.
While you prove to be great at managing your home, you give in to some extravagant buys.
We should all hope that Sir John does not give in to this ill-advised bullying.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And if you think Ferdinand's the man to give in to a cranky Khedive, you're much mistaken.
A feller gits sort of sot in his ways, and it's hard to give in to the other chap.
It was a morning to make the hardiest give in to the temptation of a hundred-weight of best Wallsend, blazing.
We'll destroy Marsport before we'll give in to a doped-up crowd of riffraff!
There is nothing easier than procrastination if you once give in to it.
Jane instantly gave a look at Elizabeth which spoke her distress at such premeditation, and her intreaty that she would not give in to it.
It iss no disgrace whateffer to a potty to give in to Nature.
Still he has right on his side, and I must give in to priority, as I would expect him to.
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