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It's really important to get beyond those completely unfounded generalizations.
The pearly nautilus is an exception to most generalizations about cephalopods.
The best I can do is provide what are admittedly broad generalizations based on considerable experience in the field.
Broad generalizations are made to draw conclusions about the historical development of England and Japan.
Because these data are not drawn from a random sample, generalizations are based on intuitive plausibility rather than statistical inference.
But it's wild generalizations like this that point up the irrelevancy of such commercially-driven lists.
But let's leave this increasingly insupportable series of generalizations, and return to the point.
Its possible meanings are many, complex, and like all great poetry, irreducible to simple generalizations.
It just amazed him how people form such absurd generalizations out of specific instances.
This fellow makes some valid points, but they're lost among the sweeping generalizations.
Would she feel okay about making such sweeping generalizations if she were in any other line of work?
It is difficult to make neat generalizations about this wide-ranging and ambitious volume.
Refrain from insults, put-downs, and expressions of disgust, and avoid generalizations which are not only stereotypes, but often hurt.
But such generalizations are detriments to the impending debate because they obscure what really matters.
The patterns I have been discussing in this section are of course generalizations, not iron laws.
Much of the introductory chapter consists of broad generalizations about Indians, culture areas, reservations, and allotment.
These are generalizations, and all generalizations are false, at least part of the time.
Conversely, cost estimators are based on averages or generalizations that do not take into account the individual management abilities of a farm.
Leiter makes sweeping and imprecise generalizations that turn out to be arrant nonsense, however you interpret them.
I find that people have difficulty understanding that broad statistical generalizations don't justify leaping to conclusions about individuals.
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Examples from Classical Literature
So very soon the periodic law took its place as one of the most important generalizations of chemical science.
The improvement consists in correcting one of these inartificial generalizations by means of another.
The generalizations are very crude and vague in their germinal forms.
Inductive reasoning involves making broad generalizations from specific observations.
But certain generalizations about consumer goods are possible.
As against the professedly exact laws of physics, such empirical generalizations have the advantage that they deal with observable phenomena.
The common places he unveils are intricately specific, overwriting such generalizations as modernism and primitivism, metropole and colony.
Indeed, by this point in the course, students have already made a number of generalizations about certain social classes without any hint of uncertainty.
So befuddled and chaotic were their minds that the utterance of a single word could negative the generalizations of a lifetime of serious research and thought.
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