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The book follows the story of Jesus from the genealogies in Matthew and Luke to the Passion narratives.
Here we use gene genealogies to investigate the phylogeny of recent speciation in the heliconiine butterflies.
It is hoped that these images will help families to trace their genealogies.
Here, ancestral Brahmin priests give blessings with holy water and fill in records of family genealogies.
In this context, the brown trout is an appropriate organism to study the utility of nuclear gene genealogies for evolutionary inferences.
Shallow intraspecific gene genealogies characterize many marine fishes although sister taxa often show considerable genetic divergence.
Other statistics can be estimated by simulation of genealogies, under a variety of evolutionary and demographic scenarios.
However, theory predicts that in rapidly speciating taxa gene genealogies will vary between loci.
Gene genealogies can be used to understand the evolution of specific DNA sequences and relate sequence variation to plant phenotype.
The development of epistemological genealogies requires the creation of new analytical architectures.
Two of these parchments were genealogies of King Dagobert II, the last of the Frankish dynasty of Priest-Kings known as the Merovingians.
Many other traditionary genealogies of chiefs might be given, but let the above suffice as a specimen of the rest.
We suspect that this correlation, presumably due to common underlying genealogies, exists even under neutral evolution.
The resemblance of the metempsychosis to Naldi's version is undeniable, and the Pythagorean model would seem to anticipate further genealogies of this kind.
These chants often tell of genealogies or the exploits of ancestors.
By recording dog genealogies and adopting practices such as line breeding, breeders started producing dogs so varied that they seemed quite different from their ancestors.
The manuscripts are the source for all the major texts of Old and Middle Irish literature, such as sagas, dinnshenchas, genealogies, law tracts, and much other lore.
These stories exercise a powerful hold upon the imagination, even though prosopopoeia plays a role in the visions not markedly different from its role in the genealogies.
Niueans do not have a strong interest in preserving their history by collecting artifacts or through oral storytelling or the recitation of genealogies.
An Arthurian element surfaces in later genres of literature such as stories or apologues in bardic verse, ballads and oral tales, and even genealogies.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The genealogies which you have recited to us out of your own annals, Solon, are a mere children's story.
Hesiod codified certain priestly and Delphian theories about their origin and genealogies.
There are also seven Titans mentioned in other genealogies of the race of Kronos.
You know that no Gorgios are so long-winded on genealogies as old mothers in Rom.
If so, how is it that Salathiel and Zorobabel occur as father and son in both genealogies?
Eventually someone, I think it was my aunt while she was in university, met another Webber who was interested in genealogies.
Symrise has published two genealogies covering body care and sun care products.
In fact, they trace their genealogies always by the female line.
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