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They were dreary, low-paid and repetitive and gave rise to strikes for a good reason.
Thirdly, there were serious matters which gave rise to a substantial miscarriage of justice.
Tyrannosaurs grew out of a group of lightweight, carnivorous, bipedal dinosaurs that also gave rise to birds.
Which gave rise to much discussion and many prods of the hat pin into various maps, seeking our next location.
The election for the chairman in year 2000 gave rise to these ego clashes that have continued to simmer.
All the fundamental issues that gave rise to both the student-led protest and the military mutiny remain.
The percentage of experimental eggs that gave rise to fledged chicks declined significantly with position in the laying sequence.
More specifically, the test is whether the employee's dishonesty gave rise to a breakdown in the employment relationship.
The new data also support the idea that a single wave of settlers gave rise to all native South Americans.
The intermarriage of Bantu language speakers with the Khoe and San peoples gave rise to new varieties of languages such as Xhosa.
The fact that testosterone is involved gave rise to the idea that bald men are more virile.
It has been reported that a brachiocephalic artery gave rise to both common carotids and to both subclavian arteries.
The understanding and development of these operations gave rise to the branch of engineering called chemical engineering.
Print gave rise to the mass reproduction and circulation of information with wide reaching consequences in all fields.
The early tetrapods of this time were amphibian-like animals that eventually gave rise to the reptiles and synapsids by the end of the Paleozoic.
Progressive intrusion and hydraulic fracturing gave rise to local brecciation of the banded rocks.
It is well known that this gave rise to the modern surname Meredith but outside of Wales few are aware of the hypocoristic form Bedo.
But I believe the historical conjunction that gave rise to accountability continues to inflect and propel it.
Subsequent runs gave rise to significant readings on the Richter scale, to the delight of the attendant gricers.
It gave rise to a form of probabilism, as a positively endorsed theory of knowledge, which is one of the New Academy's legacies.
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Examples from Classical Literature
On one occasion some of them gave rise to a persecution in the town of amazia in Asia Minor.
It is an irony of history that Serb bellicosity and nationalistic dreams gave rise to the modern Albanian state.
The Calicut of fame which gave rise to the name calico is also in this district.
But her catamenia not appearing at the next period, gave rise to a fear that she had not escaped!
It is not unlikely that the crossopterygian gave rise to Amphibian and Dipnoan alike.
The arystichos was also used for serving from the krater, a usage which gave rise to several other shapes.
This mantelet, as we afterwards learned, gave rise to a somewhat singular occurrence.
This uncanonical usurpation gave rise to a serious controversy toward the end of the century.
All alike gave rise to an Obligation or vinculum juris, and were all requited by a payment of money.
The famous Commissioner Lin, whose energetic proceedings gave rise to the Opium War, is dead.
This pastoral letter gave rise to a protracted discussion for and against the Presbyterian side of the question.
This gave rise to a bitter discussion dealing with interests of Rockhampton and Townsville, which were in conflict.
Jurassic, that period of the Mesozoic era that gave rise to birds and flying reptiles.
Independent farming gave rise to the improvement of breeds of livestock by selective breeding.
It was social inequality which gave rise to sexual vices as to all the other vices.
This gave rise to another company, who erected extensive works, and established a manufactory of brass, at Smethwick.
Then the form united with the impure matter, and this gave rise to all the bodies in the sublunar world, which change their forms.
This was observed, and gave rise to the idea that this fish is viviparous.
It was the pestilence which gave rise to the decameron of Boccaccio.
The fact that Luga was with the rebels gave rise to disconcerting gossip.
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