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Wayne gave his usual blockbusting performance, taking the ball up and making metres and stitching up the middle with his tackling.
His tanned face was wreathed in smiles and he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss.
Later, in a remarkable and rare testament to sporting immortality, he gave his name to an entire housing development.
Mr Young, a trained first aider, felt a faint pulse and gave his wife the kiss of life after calling for an ambulance.
He gave his commissar of enlightenment, Anatoly V. Lunarcharsky, two weeks to work out the details.
He gently chided the organizers of another event, where he gave his talk in front of an empty wall.
Minister Brian Cowen also gave his wholehearted support to the campaign in a visit to Portarlington to meet with the committee.
To make matters even worse, a Democratic president, Buchanan, gave his political support to these reactionary efforts.
The tubes clipped to his nostrils gave his raspy voice a nasal quality as if he suffered from a cold, and his mouth was dry.
The week following a trucker gave his personal view regarding the need to come off the bypass to get a packet of cigarettes and a paper.
The marquis gave his friend a disparaging look and left the lodgings without another word.
This man had magic in his boots and gave his fans many, many magic moments.
At the time when J gave his evidence, he was doing so solely in relation to count 8 which charged rape.
Then they went to a mobile police station and gave his description to a group of community constables.
The effort gave his team a 20-16 advantage over the tigerish Cincinnati Bengals.
The judge then gave his majority direction and sent the jury away for further deliberations.
David pulled a plain envelope from a coat pocket, giving it to the vicar and shaking his hand as the man gave his condolences.
The British interpreter gave his version to the Russian interpreter who then translated for Stalin.
Jim gave his regulator a couple of squirts on the purge button to reassure himself that his air was turned on.
After he had his fill, the mantis gave his foreleg several swift jerks and freed his leg.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He jumped back into his cockpit, gave his still idling motor the gun and took off, his goofy student still in the rear seat.
So he was all ears when Sloan one night gave his opinions on the subject of kiting.
Claus Spreckles gave his son Rudolph a large amount of sugar stock which was community property, and Mrs. Spreckles did not join.
He went down to stroud, and gave his old constituents a philosophic address on the study of history.
Consequently the voting was even, and the retiring Mayor gave his casting-vote in favour of Mr. coaks.
I wonder whether our canonised countryman who gave his name to it was ever here?
Fitzgerald gave his gifts to an orphanage, with a fine disregard of their inappropriateness.
When the Provost gave his grand spree on Hogmanay there was never an invitation for the Gourlay youngsters.
He gave his orders in writing that he might not have to bawl to a deaf foreman.
Angry, Mike threw the ball in the opposite direction and flashed back a short sentence that gave his opinion about his insulter.
Gramps missed none of the high drama he had authored and he gave his own familiar role everything he had.
Then, pointing the nose of the animal toward the trail, he gave his haunch a pinch like the nipping of a fire ant.
Schoelcher and Commander farcy, who gave his name to his gunboat, dined with me.
And whilst he waited now he gave his friend the latest news of the events in Rennes.
This property Darnall afterwards sold to Legrand, the appellant, who gave his notes for the purchase-money.
This was the first word of command Colonel Aoki gave his subordinates at their departure to the front.
And no doubt up to this point he gave his adhesion to the words of the preacher.
Henry gave his younger sister a gentle pat, as she returned with her workbag and fished for the chalk.
No man could overreach him, excepting only those to whom he gave his heart.
He gave his Mother a kiss, and often when he had been very good and happy she gave him an acid drop to suck when he was in bed.
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