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He plays not only his usual double bass but also a viola da gamba which strangely matches the moody quality of the Russian tunes.
It consists of a bass line only, which is to be played on instruments such as the cello, viola de gamba, double-bass or bassoon.
This reminds me very strongly of the energetic string crossing in the op. trio sonatas of Buxtehude for violin, viola da gamba and continuo.
The young prince was ten years his junior, but enjoyed playing the harpsichord and viola da gamba when politics allowed.
This CD contains music that spotlights either two violas da gamba together, or viola da gamba with recorder.
The marvelous playing of the viola da gamba instrumentalist was particularly distinguished.
Yukio and Pete tuned the viola da gamba and cello to the harpsichord, then Nikki joined in on the Alto recorder.
The sitter was a musical lady who sang and played the cittern, which she holds, and the viola da gamba, the instrument hanging in the background.
The dark, resonating notes of the cello and the higher, slightly nasal voice of the gamba sang the lachrymose State of the Gambo.
The voices of the cello and gamba twined around each other in a simple musical form.
Gamba is Italian for leg and so a viola large enough to require support from the legs came to be known as a viola da gamba, or often today just gamba.
For instance, two of his sonatas, one for violin, gamba and continuo and the other for two violins, gamba and continuo contain similarly decorated cadential material.
The second disc, recorded in 1961, also has a lovely nut-brown sound to it, thanks to the prevalence of violas da gamba in Harnoncourt's ensemble.
The gamba is almost always too far forward, with the harpsichordist's right hand coming in a close second and the left hand practically out of it.
Still, just to be on the safe side, the tuba, the xylophone, the viola da gamba and the virtually extinct tenor guitar make excellent choices in this area.
There are a fair number of silent moments in the music and the gamba solos contrast with give relief from the vocal passages, which can be intense.
The ingenious score calls for a 60-piece orchestra, including unusual elements such as glass harmonica, viola da gamba and bongos.
The band will play a variety of period instruments, including the sackbutt, viola da gamba, krummhorn, lute and tabor.
L'esaminatore osserva se il paziente ora abduce ed estende la gamba sana.
Scored for theorbo, viola da gamba, bass recorder, percussion and voices, Michelangelo Drawing Blood unites musical forms of the Renaissance with 21st century technology.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Another variety of the gamba was the barytone, which was cultivated in the last century.
On the 17th gamba managed to get to Byrons room, and was struck by the change in his appearance.
When we came to the place, says gamba, we saw a lamentable spectacle indeed.
Count gamba has just arrived here, with all the articles belonging to the Committee.
In the middle of the air, the viola da gamba and the flutes play by themselves.
That she played the viola da gamba very well was true enough, but what sense was there in a girl like that playing an instrument?
The concert began with a sonata for the harpsichord and the viola da gamba, and then Evelyn sang her two songs.
If your destiny should be to play the viola da gamba in Dulwich, and mine to set forth again on my trip round the world.
He published, in 1711, a Nouvelle mthode de musique, and in the years 1735 and 1738 two volumes of gamba pieces with figured bass.
The tuning of the strings on the fingerboard of the barytone was on the same principle as that of the gamba.
The Viol da gamba is the only instrument, and Abel the prince of musicians!
On April 15 the fever was still upon him, says gamba, but all pain had ceased.
Like the viola da gamba, it has six strings and catgut frets.
Amongst the latter there were several bass viols, like the viola da gamba.
Do you remember the lessons that you gave me on the viola da gamba?
You're not going to stop here all your life playing the viola da gamba.
From the gamba were taken the large proportions of the violoncello.
Out of 300 women criminals at Turin, gamba found only five tattooed.
He landed, says gamba, in a Speziot boat, dressed in a red uniform.
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