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The organization was awarded for its efforts to prevent further desertification in Africa.
We need to look back further into the past to find the cause of these problems.
These latest scandals will provide further fuel for his political opponents.
If you want to understand what is wrong with the alphabets, look no further than that egrecious oversight.
The rise of the Ottoman Empire further limited the possibilities of European overland trade.
And the time was pressing, for the new queen was enceinte, and further concealment was not to be thought of.
The higher and further educational institutions include the Chichester High Schools Sixth Form, which is the largest Sixth Form in West Sussex.
Tags may also enclose further tag markup between the start and end, including a mixture of tags and text.
He said the department was done with major restructuring and that there was no further flexibility or tolerance for that approach.
Domestic offtake further reduced silver in circulation as the improving fortunes of the merchant class led to increased demand for tablewares.
In 2012 a further competition was held, as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, with Armagh receiving the distinction.
The colonization of the new easternmost lands of Russia and further onslaught eastward was led by the rich merchants Stroganovs.
The operating company, Airtricity, has indefinite plans for nearly 100 further turbines on the site.
Their own wicked hearts will still work and improve their own induration, excecation, and irritation to further sinning.
The suburbs encroach further into the rural areas each year.
Look, the benevolent overlord attitude might have gone a lot further for you back in the day, but don't even think you can use it on me.
Early District Railway stations were similar and on both railways the further from central London the station the simpler the construction.
Electric mowers are further subdivided into corded and cordless electric models.
Boole's approach was ultimately much further reaching than either sides' in the controversy.
These changes resulted in increased procurement prices, and increased the likelihood of further cuts.
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