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The morning after, I have a thick head and my mouth has the usual furry coating.
These mammals are all characterized by an elongated body, a face with a pointed muzzle, short legs and, generally, a long, furry tail.
Wrinkles creased his furry muzzle, as though he was smelling something foul.
Are we talking about the little furry things with snuffly snouts and sharp claws, very bad eyesight, those fellows?
The hands weren't the gravely and rough kind or soft and furry like all of the monsters that I knew of.
At that point Harry Cat decided to make a dash for freedom and nipped between our legs like a little bit of furry lightning.
She wiped them off and underneath the furry tendrils of dust, the burnish of the old polish still gleamed.
I looked out the window and saw a furry brown monkey squatting on the roof of a nearby building.
When some large furry visitors turned up his backyard, the Bloomingdale resident squeezed off a couple of snaps.
The trapper threw off his furry cap in the air, and hallooed as loud as his voice can echo through the valley below.
I used to spray with hot peppers and garlic steeped in water, which seemed to not only repel furry critters but also aphids.
Necklines were chopped, dresses were butchered and the models sported fake fur stoles and huge furry leg warmers.
Euphorbia wulfenii is in full bloom with sprawling stems covered in furry grey-green leaves and topped with heavy heads of lime-green flowers.
With the helichrysum is a rich purple-red flowered osteospermum which contrasts wonderfully with the furry yellow-green leaves.
She stuffs them into her furry cheek pouches to transport back to the burrow's food chamber.
The reality is that it takes the barbaric murder of 50 chinchillas or other furry animals, on average, to produce a full-length coat.
Meet Paris, the suricate, and Mofuli, the rabbit, the zoo's beloved furry friends.
The stall had lined up Chimpanzees, huggable teddy bears, puppies and furry Santas in anticipation of the Christmas and New Year rush.
The clowder of kitties featured are mischievous, cuddly, jerky, funny, clumsy and, as always, adorably furry.
But humans also were smart enough to develop the ability to kill furry animals and use their pelts for clothing to be warmer.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It just caught the outspread furry tail, which was serving as a rudder and balancer to that adventurous flight.
Batt, who also wrote Bright Eyes for Art Garfunkel, was shown taking off a furry head at the end of the song.
The sweetest-scented grasses lined her bower where other soft, furry pelts made hers the downiest couch in all the jungle.
To their furry little ears, it was the sweetest music that could be.
Charley boasted, touching the furry coat of the dead animal.
What a furry embodiment of quick, nervous energy and impertinence!
But the furry burrowers were scared off by banging when work on the stand started.
Only the canyons were wooded, while the higher and more distant hills were furry with chaparral.
She rubbed his cheek affectionately with her furry little face and presently nibbled at his ear.
Dyspepsy was actually a blanket term for foul breath, furry tongue, bilious headaches, bloated belly, chronic constipation and windy habits.
In this lesson, children learn the value and joy of charitable work through designing, sewing and painting floorcloths for our furry friends.
He did not stand stolidly baring his furry belly to the missile, and die with an upward glance at the sympathetic heavens.
Court shoes with pom-pom embellishments are sweetly seductive, while anklestrap stilettos, reminiscent of furry handcuffs, leave little to the imagination.
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