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And with fairy cakes, flapjacks, fruit loaves and flans, the cookery categories offered a mouth-watering selection.
Ripening of tomato fruit involves the differentiation of chloroplasts in young green fruit into chromoplasts in mature ripe red fruit.
She was also banned from eating potassium-rich food including chocolate, mince pies and fruit.
The decline of ostrich farming led to a rush into grape production and a surplus of fruit.
For dessert the choice is limited to pancakes, creme caramel or fruit salad.
Back in the brave old days of 1953, there were no avocados, no kiwi fruit, and not a suspicion of mozzarella and tomato pizza.
This sweet fruit and nut panforte comes from Tuscany and should not be missed!
Some had sporting themes such as horse racing or football, and prizes would vary from a packet of fruit gums to a pack of cigarettes.
The deciduous dark green leaves have a white underside and panicles of purple flowers in summer are followed by unpalatable black fruit.
The horticultural exporters will have to test for up to three chemicals on fruit and vegetable products being exported.
The mandrills are provisioned twice a day with locally available fruit and monkey chow.
They are decorated with stylised masks on cartouches, from which there extend swags carrying fruit.
Boucher's pictures are festooned with swags of cupidons instead of the fruit and flowers of his decorative predecessors such as Jan Brueghel.
Examples where intraspecific variation is apparently restricted to degree rather than direction include fruit flies and swallowtail butterflies.
The contrast of the warm glow of fruit with the intense chromatic greys on the canvas is simple, yet highly effective.
This tropical fruit contains the enzyme papain, which researchers say aids digestion by helping your body break down proteins.
The guy on the radio said that the fruit mince pies are gone, replaced immediately by the hot cross buns.
There was a taster session of some wine, fruit juice, cakes and hot cross buns.
My wife chose the exotic fruit platter with star fruit, pawpaw, mango, orange, melon, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and kiwis.
Europeans, meanwhile, were captivated by the fruit and had tried to grow it in their hothouses, with varying success.
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Many varieties these days are bred to have less fuzz, and packing houses also brush the fruit to remove some of the fuzz.
There were some ground-cherry bushes growing along the furrows, full of fruit.
There were fewer houses and fewer fruit trees, and the farther they went the more dismal and lonesome the country became.
We will have little difficulty in getting to Honduras, as there are fruit steamers frequently sailing.
Hussain Hazara, a fruiter seller at Mizan Chowk said that a large number of people visit fruit market to purchase fruit for Iftar.
Fruitlessness of cypress and willow depicts that expecting fruit from these tress is impossible.
A year's supply of fruit cake, a book of stamps and a free meerkat adoption are some of the forms of compensation offered by UK companies, a survey has found.
Preplant soil fumigation with 1,3-dichloropropene or mixtures of 1,3-D with chloropicrin is widely practiced in the process of replacing almond and stone fruit orchards.
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