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How to use frantic in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word frantic? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
It started to become apparent that maybe the frantic search for vitamin cures was missing the point.
On Friday in Los Angeles frantic efforts were underway to try to reverse the decision.
For further proof of the fruitlessness of the efforts in either penalty box there was the final frantic exchanges in County's box.
The frantic tone caused her to roll out of bed immediately, hitting the floor full on.
By now, it was at the bottom of the hill, blood gushing from its wounds, its anger now a frantic fury.
He was out of breath and frantic at the time, and I assumed it was a prank call.
For the first time in the match it was game on, the hurling was frantic and well contested with scores hard to come by.
The resultant 12m gash in the hull should have prompted frantic calls for assistance.
Nationwide ticket demand for weekend previews of the eagerly-awaited film were described as frantic by one cinema manager yesterday.
And despite frantic efforts to resuscitate him, after 45 minutes the international official was proclaimed dead.
Actually I shall probably take advantage of a little light dialup for a while, so frantic procrastinatory posting may well still regularly occur.
There are more than 600 lots on offer and the bidding by City's diehard supporters is expected to be frantic.
He looked exhausted and frantic, his shirtsleeves rolled up to his elbows and little beads of sweat on his forehead.
So here we are, in the middle of a solemn, yet frantic, chat-fest of the sort that bowls along after the sudden passage of sad events.
Physics flew by in a swirl of directional forces and a few frantic minutes of finishing up my trig.
In 1913, after some frantic cramming, he went up to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, to read for the History tripos.
It was a sickening sight, and I could imagine the frantic efforts he must have made pulling on his shroud lines before the earth crushed him.
The men were drowned within sight and sound and near touching distance of frantic relatives.
As the runners were descending from England's highest mountain, they heard a scream and frantic blasts on an emergency whistle.
There must be men in white coats behind a two-way mirror, watching the shoppers and making frantic notes.
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Examples from Classical Literature
As yet the two scouts had failed to answer the frantic appeals of their tribesman.
And the crowd which acclaimed her, the frantic crowd, followed in her wake.
All the telephones in the astoria could not accommodate the frantic people who sought them.
He bounced about, almost frantic, blaspheming as if bereft of all self-control.
Above these rocks we look up the stony bed of the frantic river and meet the blue mass of a distant mountain.
Is'nt that a frantic conciliation of differences, and one which might have done honor to Petrus d'Abano, the conciliator, himself?
The Countess Halfont and Dagmar ran to her side, the latter frantic with alarm.
And eggcup in hand, he endeavored to imitate Nana, quite forgetting his dignity in his frantic desire to convince the others.
How frantic, as if all things were about to eventuate, remembering not that nothing ends.
It falls upon the tiny Crickets, eviscerates them, and devours them with frantic greed.
When it ran, the hatchling skinks immediately became alert and several chased it biting at it in frantic excitement.
One day a frantic message came to me over the telephone from Madame Vyrubova, who inquired the whereabouts of the starets.
It bustled about the big steamer with an industriousness that seemed almost frantic.
A flaring light directed him to a place where, all too late, the frantic dissonances of a jazz band burst upon his shocked ears.
In five minutes the dull noise of the kerbstone market in Broad Street had leapt to a high note of frantic interrogation.
After a frantic chase Jambres paused, breathless, in front of a building of portentous proportions.
The horses, overfed and underworked, had been rendered frantic by the drive through the park from the further west.
He makes a frantic endeavour to unpick the stitches, finally giving it up in despair.
He watched the other man as he found the oyster bed and commenced to fill his basket with frantic haste.
The lightning flashed and leaped about like phantasmagoric demons, as if mocking the sailors in their frantic dread.
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