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Because my memory is so terrible, sometimes I want to write about a certain part of the daily round so I won't forget about it.
It was no use, he could not forget about what his mother had drilled into him repetitively when he was a boy.
Once machinery is installed, as long as it keeps running people forget about service.
Perhaps, you should go back to the VCD rental shop or forget about the whole business of going to the pictures.
That way you can forget about the money and let it grow until you reach pensionable age.
Ideally, headsets should be one of those components you install and forget about.
Well grown and colourful plants are rewarding, but don't forget about the hardscaping that supports them.
Also, the bag is mildly odiferous, so it's doubtful you'd forget about it for too long in a household environment.
Many people who play the lottery tend to forget about, or pay scant attention to, the odds of winning.
Do not hook your machine up to the Internet, power it up and forget about it.
It is warning consumers not to forget about these charges when they choose a credit card.
If you work here, you can bring your phone to work, but forget about using the phone's voice-activated digital assistant.
He needed to forget about Elizabeth and bury the love he still felt for her in a grave someplace.
Its relative size and bulk compared to your average mobile phone means you aren't going to slip it in a pocket and forget about it.
I ate a little around it, and thought that maybe I'll just cope with the veges and forget about the steak.
And forget about that talk that all the retired four-star general and former NATO boss wants is the veep nomination.
And I think I can forget about getting a suntan, I'll probably come back with a brown face, that's all.
It frames my face perfectly and if I wear a darker shade of lipstick and some smokey eye shadow in it, forget about it.
So much of the time we forget about how professional or unprofessional our appearance is.
When VIPS zoom by in motorcades, you just gape for a moment and then forget about it.
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Then, shrugging his shoulders with incomprehension, fearlessly he sought to forget about it.
How did you happen to forget about the nuts and remember about the candied fruit?
There's a tenner coming your way if he doesn't forget about it.
With all the attention focused on Kim's dress, let's not forget about Andy, who has the choice of more than 20 different Murray tartans.
We must not be sidetracked by this debate and forget about our poorest children.
Ariadne began to forget about the exciting time in Bellevue.
I believe the very sight of you would make him forget about that minx.
Here, Ruby becomes Georgie O'Dell and tries to forget about the scandal.
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