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The criminal law for obvious policy reasons goes further than the civil law.
Some computer-set examples are badly spaced, and examples taken from published editions have not been checked for obvious misprints.
Business customers are always slow in upgrading, for obvious and understandable reasons.
Police informers are often identified by number rather than by name, for obvious security reasons.
In addition, for obvious reasons, we limited this outcome measure to individuals who received urinalysis testing.
The municipal corporation has become a gold mine for its corrupt officials, with higher-ups shielding them for obvious reasons.
I can't reveal his real name, for obvious reasons, but it's fair to say he was, and still is Scotland's Casanova.
The most noticeable difference initially, for obvious reasons, is the weather.
The rate of change in non-functional sequences is orders of magnitude higher than in functional sequences, for obvious reasons.
We fine cadaverous fellows do not share your enthusiasm for the sanctity of life, for obvious reasons.
Those who believe that all affairs of state will shortly come to an end are, for obvious reasons, inclined to political quietism.
The reality is that for obvious reasons the continuing gangland carnage is not readily amenable to ordinary law.
They learn about condoms, as a preventative against disease, not pregnancy, for obvious reasons.
For obvious reasons, the practicalities involved in trying an entire community made proceedings impossible.
For obvious reasons, this method is not compatible with mowing or spraying after plants bolt.
For obvious reasons, the Nobel Committee is unlikely to honor this fascinating maverick now or ever.
We decided for obvious reasons to fill this gap, and in the course of collating the several texts we were rewarded by more than one interesting trouvaille.
If infection is suspected, the wound area must be assessed for obvious signs of gross infection, and the infection should be confirmed by culturing the organism.
Perhaps for obvious reasons, there seems to have been a conspiracy of silence among most European politicians during the past fifty years on the subject of Confederation.
The families do not usually want their children going off to the temples, for obvious reasons as well as the fact that Korea still has strong Confucian influences.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The account of Marys secretary, nau, is much less unfavourable to Moray than his own, for obvious reasons.
This lack of congruence between the mental picture and the object itself is necessary for obvious reasons.
His name is not yet a famous one, as, for obvious reasons, his works are not exhibited at public galleries, though they are occasionally to be seen at private views.
The Antipodean connection makes for obvious comparisons with Crowded House, but there's also something of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sound in there.
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