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My home is Italy, and I feel that Lazio is my turangawaewae at least for now.
And I think everybody just assumes that it's, you know, a bunch of malarkey for now.
I'll leave it there for now, because I'm in bits tonight, on and off, off and on.
Undeterred, Diller is sticking to his plans and seems willing to run the back office for now.
But for now she wished only to remain to the scheduled plan and not think about the future with or without him.
Now we get into the romance part for a while and forget science fiction for now.
We will look at a more precise definition of academic theology in the next chapter, but that will do for now to indicate the scope of the field.
It would take pages and hours for me to go into the ins and outs of the Irish literary canon, so I'll leave it at that for now.
A tidal wave of remorse still remained tightly sealed inside him but for now, he had more immediate concerns with which to occupy his mind.
Power lines and telephone cables can be set in place even if all you need for now is a naked bulb.
That said, I may well change my mind again tomorrow, but it's bedtime for now and my eyes hurt.
But for now he is happy to explore the surprises that the house provides as work cautiously begins on stripping away the paint.
The team that has already been severely punished by FIA earlier this year, also seems to be safe for now.
I know the people who did it, but I have lost track of what I promised not to reveal publicly, and so will shut up for now.
The dollar's attempted strong upward thrust was for now largely rebuffed in volatile currency trading.
He is a developing actor who should stick to playing the Artful Dodger for now, and leave Fagin to his elders and betters.
But officials now say the city itself is safe, at least for now, after a shift in winds turned the largest of the fires back on itself.
Sorry about the inconvenience, Miss, but for now we don't know who you are or what you're doing with them.
Leaving the triphthongs aside for now, when diphthongs occur, they vary, causing new phonemes to arise.
So I am going to have to fit a cheap temporary set of mixer taps for now so the project can proceed.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I am fully confirmed, that it is the honour of our lawgiver which I suffer for now.
Salmon they smoked in numbers, for now the run of the humpback salmon was on, replacing the earlier one of the smaller red salmon.
He never thought of blaming her for formerly deceiving him, nor of blaming her for now expediting him.
Spammers hadn't figured out that using public keys would make their junk mail more plausible yet, so for now this worked well.
Her reply was tenderer than she knew, for now he still further appealed to her.
He was dead also, yet it seemed that they had left his body in the hole, for now no light came through.
I merely took the opportunity of revising my toilet, and getting rid of that rather distinctive overcoat, which I shall call for now.
So for now, Phil Spencer Secret Agent is back for another run, and helping folk struggling to sell their homes.
The only unusual thing found, at least for now, was a whitish splotch on Discovery's right wing that looked like a bird dropping.
Little Bear, come out and play with us, for now we are going to play.
The pony was tired, and the hills very long and steep, and the air sultrier than ever, for now the breeze began to fail entirely.
And then he went on more slowly and with greater stealth and caution, for now Tarzan of the Apes was seeking a kill.
But, for now,I'll simply discuss the answer he gave to Eddie Spearritt.
Ah, friend, an infectious disease is indeed a misfortune, for now we poor and miserable folk must perforce keep apart from one another, lest the infection be increased.
I know it, for now and then, I hear a far-away muffled sound as of mattock and spade, and, whatever it is, it must be the end of some ruthless villainy.
I grew afraid, for now I knew that this was a place of dead men, a place where spirits perch like vultures in a tree, as they sweep round and round the world.
Nor are circuit riders, though they will have to do for now.
But there was no time for shuddering, for now the savage went about something that completely fascinated my attention, and convinced me that he must indeed be a heathen.
In the cold hour the fire began to die, and I was about stepping forth to replenish it, for now the snow came in flying sweeps and with it a chill mist.
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