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It's clear that for all his blather, he thought that he was taking a most un-courageous stand.
By now, for all his ghastliness, we cannot but feel a stirring of compassion for him.
Leibniz, for all his Aristotelian credentials, was not acutely aware of the Aristotelian Problem of First Principles.
And Lauren loved him for all his sweet adorableness, and pure innocence, and she smiled.
I only answered by an incredulous smile, which, for all his monastic subtlety, struck him as the expression of a young girl's coyness.
Dasan took his time to makes memorials for all his people, 500 crosses with an amaryllis flower tied to it.
Physics gave him a solid foundation, the bedrock for all his beliefs about the universe.
More to the point, for all his maundering about the estate tax, it hasn't done anything to break up the great fortunes of our era.
It was covered in scrawl and writing in all directions for all his different subjects.
But for all his faults, I like Gordon because he's one of the few celebrities that tells it like it is.
Maintaining a connection to the artificiality of cinema, Lewis hires actors and creates scenarios for all his films.
But for all his success in the sack, he insists that what he's really looking for is a woman he can take home for keeps.
Napoleon was a universalist who believed in a common civil code for all his conquered subjects.
King Richard, as a just guerdon for all his fascinorous actions and horrible murders, was slain in the field.
Marcus, for all his sweetness and good qualities, seems rather like a dead fish next to Lee.
This must have been a very distressing for all his family but I daresay they got used to it.
But for all his intellectual gifts, his kingship was essentially pragmatic.
That city's estates and suburbs have provided the locations and settings for all his work to date.
Yet for all his roughshod opinions, Orwell was a gentle man who could be as fustily English as tea and crumpets.
Yet for all his international celebrity, Paolozzi never lost touch with his roots.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Indeed he always retained something boyish in his look, for all his studiousness and thoughtfulness, and all that came later.
Marius, for all his affected disdain of it, viewed it with a certain respect.
Squire's as pretty a marksman as any in Nottingham, lording, for all his years!
So Talos, for all his frame of bronze, yielded the victory to the might of Medea the sorceress.
The mighty arms spread wide as the beast plunged, stupefyingly quick for all his vast bulk and stunted legs.
He could not be moulded to a clever womans liking, for all his indefiniteness.
As to the men personally, he chose Carpendike, for all his obstinacy and sourness.
He was older than I, but he was also fat, and for all his shaman's dress I was not frightened.
Brahms, for all his grumbling and grizzling, had never guessed what it felt like to be suspected of stealing an umbrella.
And for all his garrulity, I know, Peter was really watching us with the eye of a hawk.
His bridle was twisted round his arm, for all his fingers were frostbitten.
The one wears you out, the other rests you for all his darnation foolishness.
This was the more characteristic, as, for all his daffing, he was a modest and very polite little fellow among ourselves.
Under Socialism it would for all his life be hisand the worlds, and controllable by him.
But for all his incalculable indebtednesses, Wagner is the great initiator, the compeller of the modern period.
To her, for all his comeliness, he was loathsome as a leper, terrible as a beast of prey.
There seemed no reason, for all his brusquerie, why I should not tell him this.
And the pinto, for all his courage, could not meet that handicap and beat it.
Sooth to say, for all his soft speech, she feared him and rued the meeting of him.
He was a gentleman for all his wearisomeness, and his kindness was such as I could accept.
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