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The catalytic mechanism and the active-site fold, however, are largely conserved among the protease classes.
His sketches show the details of batlike wings which were to spread out on the downward stroke and fold up with the upward stroke.
For starters, AAF sponsors the National Student Advertising Competition across its 215 college chapters to gather fledglings into its fold.
In art, the toga is shown with the long end dipping between the feet, a deep curved fold in front, and a bulbous flap at the midsection.
Just as it is going to hit the water a bird will fold its wings against its body.
Sprinkle a little cheddar cheese over half of the crepe, then fold the noncheese half over the other half.
She afterwards discovered a vocal fold cyst, and had to undergo corrective surgery.
Deeper in the Earth, rocks behave plastically and fold instead of faulting.
These can be used to find the locations of fold axes, relationships between faults, and relationships between other geologic structures.
Like a small farm, the lighthouse compound had its chattering of chicks, pace of donkeys, troop of horses, and fold of sheep.
Wolf packs rarely adopt other wolves into their fold, and typically kill them.
The mantle cavity, a fold in the mantle, encloses a significant amount of space.
The frame of a competitive trampoline is made of steel and can be made to fold up for transportation to competition venues.
In an effort to bring the Vandals into the fold of the Empire, Valentinian III offered his daughter's hand in marriage to Genseric's son.
This outside interference led to another war in 712 and the Alemanni were, for the time being, restored to the Frankish fold.
Demetrios thought the Morea would be restored to him to rule, but it was incorporated into the Ottoman fold.
Her infectious enthusiasm has brought many knitters into the Potterhead fold and has introduced Potterheads into the world of knitting.
The proctodeum is slightly larger than the urodeum in most species. It is separated from the urodeum by the uroproctodeal fold.
The hinge is also the highest point on a stratum along the top of the fold.
If the axial surface is vertical and the angles on each side of the fold are equivalent, then the anticline is symmetrical.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She laid a fold of the barege over the pink silk, then she looked radiantly at Sylvia.
This second fold gives rise to the amnion, and is limited entirely to the somatopleure.
The crest of the Ochils coincides, therefore, more or less closely, with an anticlinal arch or fold of the strata.
The hills are formed by a short, broad, anticlinal fold, which is flat or nearly so on its summit.
There were no adhesions, but the inner fold of the prepuce had been thickened by balanitis.
The abdominal cavity contains the viscera suspended in a fold of the lining membrane, as in the other vertebrates studied.
Dorsal vascular fold at the beginning of the distal free portion, forming the appendicular mesentery.
When used, art paper, if folded, should have a proper paper hinge along the fold.
The ascending colon was covered in the same manner and by the same fold as the small intestine.
The ball, together with a piece of cloth, was excised in front, two inches above and internal to the fold of the axilla.
Apophis would have been a decorative artist to fold himself in such order.
The last fold displayed a strip of blank parchment with little wafers stuck on it at certain places.
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