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Sentence Examples
Out go the twitching nostrils, flailing arms and sniffy declamations about a cheeky scintilla of vanilla and oodles of gunsmoke.
Flocks of terns and cormorants fished offshore, while fronds of kelp writhed in the surf like the flailing arms of sea monsters.
Her pantomime career in England was flailing, and she had returned to Australia in the hope of whoring herself out for a bit of extra cash.
I would have a great time flailing round to this song, limbs akimbo, mouthing all the words.
The biggest flaw with the film is not its crippled script or flat direction or flailing acting.
In the twelfth McGuigan, flailing away in apparent desperation, was penalized a point by referee Richard Steele for a low blow.
Band members were flailing around like puppets under the control of a madman.
He jumps two feet in the air, screeching at the top of his lungs, arms flailing.
He struggled under the weight of the heavy tomes, his twiggy arms flailing pitifully.
The keeper comes out, arms flailing, but the corner is too long and drifts into touch.
The Flying Fangalis swung across the trapeze with curved blades, slashing the flailing woman across her mid-section.
She lashed out at him now, her arms and legs flailing wildly, her kicks and punches missing their target by a considerable margin.
He does this by hurling himself to the floor, arms and legs flailing, with only the whites of his eyes showing.
I dodged him and then kicked his behind sending him tubbily with arms flailing into the next section.
Ten minutes late, he tumbles into the room in a kind of flailing pirouette, scatter gunning apologies.
In some scenes Bond brazens it out, fists flailing or guns blazing, to pick off the enemy, but most of the time greater cunning is needed.
Mrs Cunningham practically screamed as she threw herself at her grandson, her arms flailing as she pinned him bodily to the bed.
I awoke, arms flailing and my head floating in a pillow drenched in my own slobber.
You rolled over sleepily, hand flailing for the alarm clock's snooze button.
My smoking buzz is so strong that I cannot walk without flailing about dangerously.
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Examples from Classical Literature
For these were the blocks that had formed the body of the monster of the hollow, its flailing arms.
I thought I saw Norhala floating, clothed in shouting, flailing fires.
He struggled, blind with fury, flailing his arms and kicking.
This woman was enraged, screaming accusations, wildly flailing her arms about and threatened his 7-year-old daughter, Naomi,'' Abzug added.
The embarrassment, however, was great and worsened when Dauenhauer realized millions of people saw her upside down, bare legs flailing.
Kilter briefly traces the whipping, flailing antics of a merry tribe.
Its sector had been whacked particularly hard in recent months, with its customers flailing, according to semiconductor analyst Louis Gerhardy of Morgan Stanley.
Adorned with headdresses, tassels, and bells, the dancers follow simple spatial patterns and push themselves to their physical limits, stamping, shaking, wriggling, flailing.
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