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Carla develops acrophobia, which makes it difficult for her to take elevators, park her car, or do flagpole sitting.
The fortlet lies to the west of the flagpole, with the fort extending to the west and south.
Then they'd all go back to their offices and run something up the flagpole, just to see who might salute.
There is also a tall flagpole with a flag being waved, depending on the weather, by the wind.
Beside him was another of the creatures, this one holding a large flagpole with a black flag hoisted to it.
Just when the first Thai flag flew from a flagpole has never been established.
She's one of the few people who flies the South African flag from a flagpole in her garden.
We ran around the streets running up the buildings and jumping from flagpole to flag pole upon the buildings.
Visitors to Scarborough Cricket Club this week will have noticed three flags on the club flagpole.
Every morning the Indian flag is ceremonially hoisted on a central flagpole, an unusual practice for businesses here.
The idea of disguising the transmitter inside the flagpole was intended to ease the planning process.
He nearly gets one of those when his staff dismantle the stall and accidentally clout him over the head with the flagpole.
Councillors agreed to defer a decision on the flagpole to find out if the parochial church council was insured for the broken pole.
The bird swooped down and settled itself upon the pinnacle of the flagpole, its grey-and-white feathers tinged silver in the dusky light.
As it was said, a flagpole had a horizontal slat on the top so that it could be possible to unfurl the flag wide.
On the Capitol flagpole, the Lone Star flies below the American flag, emblem of the few brief years when slaveholding Texas was its own republic.
Twice more he struck as if he was securing a flagpole into the soil of a previously uncharted land.
It was felt the money could have been better spent, and at a peace rally the flagpole was burned by protesters.
The flag flew from every public building, from every municipal flagpole, and from every structure of consequence in the land.
The monument is a massive flagpole entwined with the trunk and branches of a symbolic banyan tree forged in steel.
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She had left her hat by the flagpole, and she now went timidly up to get it.
The spear pointing straight toward Mallory's breastplate had something of the aspect of a jet-propelled flagpole.
Roger thought of his torn flag, flapping in the wind on the top of the flagpole.
The deck was deserted, and he crawled to the extreme end of it, near the flagpole.
Below it lay the Plaza with its flagpole, its hitching racks for horses and oxen.
So he let it stand up stiffly behind him in the shape of a flagpole.
He seesawed on the mizzenmast of his craft as safe as a Steeple Jack rigged to the flagpole of a skyscraper.
We passed the school of which I did not see much except the flagpole.
In the top of the flagpole, bore a hole to fit a small flag.
The giant Saudi flag proudly flutters atop the world's tallest flagpole in this picture taken on Oct.
To recognize this prestigious accomplishment, a new banner will hang in the main plant entranceway and an ISO 14001 flag will fly on the flagpole.
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