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Sentence Examples
Only one study has examined the importance of sperm length for sperm competition success in a species with more typical flagellate sperm.
The normal microbiota in this anoxic environment are composed of bacteria, ciliate and flagellate protozoa, and anaerobic chytridiomycete fungi.
This flagellate is surrounded by fungal hyphae, which appear in different sectional planes each as a bright central core with surrounding halo.
Most unicellular flagellate algae are phototactic, i.e., capable of orientation with respect to the direction of light.
Unlike any other flagellate algae, they contain phycobilins as accessory photosynthetic pigments, as do red algae and cyanobacteria.
This type of screen is biased toward reversion events that result in a high percentage of flagellate cells.
Figure 1.6 shows a flagellate protozoan and a flagellar pocket in detail.
These data indicate that the jakobids are most similar to an interesting collection of other flagellate groups that possess suspension feeding grooves.
Seasonal variation of nanoplankton flagellate densities in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Most wood decomposition in the digestive tract of subterranean termite workers occurs in food vacuoles of flagellate protozoan symbionts in the hindgut.
Wood particles take about 24 hours to pass through lower termite gut, most of that time being digested in food vacuoles of hindgut flagellate protozoa.
Examples from Classical Literature
The endoderm has cylindrical cells, each one of which has a flagellate hair.
At this stage many of the spores assume each a flagellate cilium, and so acquire power of more rapid locomotion.
These cells, called choanocytes, resemble independent animals of the Protozoa, known as flagellate Infusoria or Choanoflagellata.
Other modifications are whip-like processes, or flagellate filaments, called vibracula, which constantly beat the water.
Now and again imitation has been resorted to by well-known masters to flagellate the taste of their own day.
Byron, Shelley, and Moore all flagellate him in their poetry.
The participants of these processions will flagellate themselves at Bohar Bazaar Chowk, Habib Chowk and Trunk Bazaar.
Syed Zaidi, 44, ordered the pair, aged 15 and 13, to flagellate themselves with a flail of chains with blades attached, a court heard.
There is a limit, however, to the extent that we should flagellate ourselves.
Second, they differ by the shape of the flagellate setae present in the ovisac band.
Specifically, lower termites harbor flagellate protozoa in the digestive tract that digest wood cellulose and hemicelluloses, while higher termites do not.
My advice to the Professionally Offendeds is to go and flagellate yourselves before a Mary Whitehouse shrine, because your faux fury isn't funny any more.
We were also told that the time had passed for the bishops to flagellate themselves over their faults that brought about this grave crisis for the church.
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