Sentences and phrases with the word fits

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word fits? Here are some examples.

As he pressed on he was affected by giddiness and fits of paralysis.

Many junctions are so perfect that not even a knife fits between the stones.

Shakespeare's reference to rattling chains also fits a very common ghostly motif.

If the achievement fits his job, and the job fits his words, then he is rewarded.

This description fits with the Cape Bauld theory, as Belle Isle is not far offshore.

Typically ten bursae are found, and each fits between two stomach digestive pouches.

Netting that fits across the width of the bin is secured to limit movement of the bags.

As his health began to give way, he began to age prematurely and fell into fits of despondency.

The carbon no longer fits within the FCC austenite structure, resulting in an excess of carbon.

Clavus Swart's description fits the Inuit and two of their types of boats, the kayak and the umiak.

As a naturally occurring crystalline inorganic solid with an ordered structure, ice fits the properties of a mineral.

Near the end of his time there, Smith began suffering from shaking fits, probably the symptoms of a nervous breakdown.

This particular container has approximately the same height as the cargo compartment and fits across half of its width.

The Germania fits within a classical ethnographic tradition which includes authors such as Herodotus and Julius Caesar.

Medicare and Medicaid are forms of publicly funded health care, which fits the looser definition of socialized medicine.

Also, when the crocodile's mouth is closed, the large fourth tooth in the lower jaw fits into a constriction in the upper jaw.

Under Constantine's successors, Christianization of Roman society proceeded by fits and starts, as John Curran documented in detail.

The illness consisted of fits of vertigo or giddiness, now known to be Ménière's disease, and it continued to plague him throughout his life.

Offered for the Block 4 configuration, it fits into the same area as the baseline EOTS with minimal changes while preserving stealth features.

One of the central issues identified at the Fabian Society conference was how the English identity fits within the framework of a devolved UK.

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