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Sentence Examples
I leaned over to the other Australian lawyer, who was also grinning kinda goofily in the firelight.
Sitting in the rosy glow of candle and firelight we thought it looked rather romantic.
No doubt, our earliest ancestors performed for each other in caves with firelight as a backdrop.
I had helped decorate it, but in the glowing firelight, it looked beyond beautiful.
Reflected firelight flashed as they fought and an occasional spark jumped as the scimitars clashed.
Silently, he crept forward to the edge of a large clearing that was bathed in firelight.
Shadows lurked beyond the flickering firelight, blending in with the darkness.
I saw only two faces, lit by firelight, and ready to shoot questions at me.
His hair is platinum blonde, which makes him look older than his years in the firelight.
Her creamy skin glowed in the firelight, and her flaxen hair was like spun gold.
There, in the flickering firelight, she saw some formless shape join two waiting others.
The snow he'd shaken off earlier had formed small dark puddles, which glinted in the firelight.
Sara's eyes glittered dangerously in the firelight and I knew I was in trouble now.
The tall grasses at the edge of the firelight made a raspy sound in the breeze.
Their young faces glowed with anticipation, their eyes sparkled in the firelight.
Kaia replied, a stream of tears flowing from her eyes, bright against the firelight.
He blew a stream of smoke into the rafters, and being a superstitious lot, they watched until it dissipated, wraithlike, in the firelight.
The wrangler stepping into that welcoming circle of firelight is Kid Russell himself, young again in memory.
As firelight flickers across his craggy face and sweat runs down his ample forehead, you can bet he's laughing manically.
He shook his head, the firelight reflecting off the shine of his bare torso.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It was a blowy October night and we talked in firelight, as befitted the ghostly circumstances.
And when I looked at the creepie in the red firelight, for it felt strange to my hand, lo!
What Thea noticed, oddly enough, was the flash of the firelight on his cuff link.
Full into the firelight, with a stealthy, sidelong movement, glided a doglike animal.
It was not morning, but the firelight, and I was in your arms, not in my little bed.
It was now between daylight and dark, and the firelight flashed in their faces.
His coat was also blue, and he wore a forage cap pulled down over hair very fair in the firelight.
Haward took the Golden Horseshoe in his own hand, and fell to studying it in the firelight.
I remember how he stood in the firelight and chanted the words in a sing-song tone.
Or was this only an illusive colour thrown on her skin by the red firelight?
They left the room with the lights against the wall, and the firelight giving it a faux air of warmth and inhabitation.
A soft whinny out of the darkness, and tabari galloped into the firelight, and stopped at the side of her master motionless.
He stooped, and with his lips just touched her hair where the firelight made it ruddiest.
The gleam of firelight upon their bodies, and the waiting drummer.
Last evening, in the firelight and the silence, he sat with me for two hours as if it were just coming.
The firelight rose and fell on his wizen little face and his nervous, drooping hands.
The house itself was dark, but for a flicker of firelight on a windowpane.
A warmer flush than that of firelight alone lay on her cheek.
There was a glow of firelight through his cottage window, but no candle.
The firelight played on her hair, glowing in it prismatically.
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