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As the veterans poured by the carriage in which Miss Winnie sat, one fife and drum corps after another softly played a dead march.
He played the fife for military assemblies and the violin for dancing parties.
The standard fife, the old Renaissance treble, is pitched in B and has six finger holes.
Amerindian men perform a dance in the local church to the accompaniment of fife and drums.
William Ferman complained that whenever he chose to stay out all night playing the fife in a saloon, his wife would harass him.
Little adornment was on her, except a single piercing at the top of her pointed ear, but what caught Kira's attention was the fife at her waist.
When Bead takes a bullet to the head and lies dying, he asks fife to hold his hand.
Scotland is where William and Kate's met at the University of St Andrews in fife.
A regiment so equipped, with its drum and fife corps of 12 drummers and 12 fifers, would be greatly enhanced in its aspect for military functions.
He played the fife and was a great lover of traditional music.
Besides the recorder and the flute, other known instruments referred to in this study are the panpipes, the fife, the whistle and the tabor-pipe.
It was military bandsmen, their uniform coats unbuttoned, who supplied the merry tune, from a clarinet, a tuba, a fife.
On vessels of war, the drum and fife or boatswain's whistle furnish the necessary movement regulator.
Once stimulated, nociceptors fife action potentials that travel along the nociceptor fibre to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.
The airport is west of the city beyond the junction where the Glasgow and Fife lines diverge.
Set in a Fife factory and drawn from personal experiences, the bleak subject is enlivened with humour and wit.
When I left Huckleberry I went back to Fife and it didn't matter diddly-squat what you did or if you played well.
Instead of twee Victoriana, we found ourselves staring at a glass monolith that looked like it would be more at home in Florida than Fife.
The restructuring will result in 90 new jobs in Fife although there will be 200 job losses down south.
An air exclusion zone will be put in force over the hotel with fighters on standby at nearby RAF Leuchars in Fife.
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Examples from Classical Literature
We have a great many flutes and flageolets, but not often the sound of any fife.
Instead of the gong for dinner, let us hear a whistle from the Spartan fife.
Might not a one-handed fife be introduced, or a Pandean pipe substituted, and fifers totally abolished?
I wondered whether the Orissa's fife might not have had something to do with the saraband of the wild waves we encountered.
But is it not better than the simple drum and fife of a common training-day?
It had turned bleak now, the fuffs of the mountain-winds began to tune-up and fife, the gloom deepened toward night.
He engaged Mr. tooter to be there with his fife, and Mr. Noggin with his drum.
The time-keeping steps of the men upon the marble floor mingle with drum, fife, and organ.
In the second wagon will follow the musicians, the players upon the drum, the fife, and the shawm.
Got an engagement at the theayter, with his father, to play the fife in a military piece.
The drum and fife, the rattle of arms, and the shouts of boys were heard from morning till night.
The two long scalp locks were twisted up into balls upon the crown of the head in the same way that the individual had worn them during fife.
The big man's voice had reached the high, breathy pitch of a fife.
There were brass bands, drum and fife bands, and bands of bagpipes.
They might have been read to an accompaniment of fife and drums.
Bob-white and ruffed grouse are the fife and drum corps of the woods.
The old writer, like all of the people in the world, had got, during his long fife, a great many notions in his head.
Many a night Nataline's fife of fun played a feeble, wheezy note.
As they marched they beat two great drums which were likewise draped in black, and beside them came the fife player, black and sombre like the others.
There were none for me, but one and a fine Scotch shortbread for the wounded Fife man in the bed next to mine.
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