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The ferocity of the assault was such that he passed out and remembers nothing further of the attack.
A double-page album conveys all the panic, speed, ferocity, movement and verve of the hunt.
Were the sadness, the fear, the ferocity, related to the darker side of Nubian culture?
I heard not a few gasps of shock from the audience as the pianist moved from near silence in lento to a sudden ferocity in attacca.
She was elegance, sensuality, and ferocity all rolled into one luscious woman.
His singing talent aside, he brings together energy, ferocity, sexuality, swagger, and sensitivity in a powerful Byronic persona.
What was most striking to an outsider's sensibility was the impression that the ferocity of the battle for power was matched only by its vacuity.
He struck the ball with ferocity, tearing into the Lincoln attack with relish.
He also has an eminently sane attitude to the ferocity of past arguments about the relative influences of nature and nurture.
The bulldog, although bred originally for close encounters in blood sports, was a cuddlesome, affable creature beneath the ferocity and gore.
The choruses consist of some Mark Solomon-like wails, followed by screaming of such ferocity that it is almost disturbing.
He tore into his guitar solos with a ferocity that seemed to forget the previous two years of druggy digressiveness.
The winds, from which we had been somewhat shielded when we were behind the superstructure, began to churn the helicopter with new ferocity.
The Viking berserker was thought not only to have assumed the ferocity of an animal, but also to have acquired the strength of a grizzly.
You see, he has learned a thing or two from my own back-stabbing acts of rapine ferocity, and doubtless he is applying it to his own affairs.
You respected him as an unbelievable scrapper with a never-say-die ferocity to play every match as if it was his last.
Those eyes had undergone a change from murky grunge to acid green as he repeated his question with more ferocity.
Found in the third century BC, the crocodile was respected by the Egyptians for its power and ferocity.
Large packs of black matted mastiffs prowl the streets for scraps, occasionally breaking into fights of heart-stopping ferocity.
In Medieval Europe, wolves acquired a pungent reputation for trickery and ferocity.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Valeria found her indifferent callousness more repugnant than Olmec's naked ferocity.
He can not compete with carnivores in strength and ferocity, nor with herbivores in fleetness.
The sounds of indignation and ferocity that followed this statement are not translatable.
Their prowess was equal to their ferocity, and this was enough to make them seem endowed with preterhuman powers.
This incautious speech by no means tended to appease the ferocity of the crowd.
Sucking at a crack of light the red setter's kindled nose glowed and snorted with dragonlike ferocity.
His only virtues were courage and patience, but they were counterbalanced by a tameless ferocity.
Their ferocity, as well as their voracity, surpasses anything that can be imagined.
He restrained the ferocity of Nero and checked the ambition and vengefulness of Agrippina.
The one producing a temper of hardness and ferocity, the other of softness and effeminacy, I replied.
The horror of the struggle, filled with the dead and dying, far surpassed in ferocity any representation of the newsreel.
The boys had their own beliefs about the different animals, and one of these concerned the inappeasable ferocity of the zebra.
As he emerged the captain was on his back with all the ferocity of a hyena.
All afternoon she drenched herself with soapsuds in the ferocity of her washing.
Grasping his snider by the tip of the barrel the man looked at his wife with sullen, dulled ferocity.
The two had an air of bristling, hog-backed ferocity, strangely out of keeping with the normal reserve of a man-of-war.
He combines the ferocity of the tiger, the slyness of the fox, and the shape of a monkey.
Sime, following him, his neuro hissing death from side to side, marveled at his ferocity.
She adored courage, and had always cherished a belief that Bismarck's sharklike jaws implied the possession of latent ferocity.
And camphire has been frequently found serviceable in excessive ferocity and want of sleep.
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