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Soon the regularity of inhalations and exhalations allows our fearless captain to bring his thoughts into cohesion.
However, sometimes a brazen BFF is so bold, brash and fearless that her naughty behavior threatens to get you both in deep trouble.
His character is brazenly fearless and contemptuous of rivals, but we never get a sense of why this story needed to be told.
Race, class, culture and geographic divides are bridged by both laughter and fearless treading on touchy subjects.
I just love the fact that he seems entirely fearless, which is why his sound is so distinctive.
He was a conservationist, a wry observer of human behaviour, a voracious reader, a great storyteller, a fearless reviewer.
A fearless hellraiser, he died in 1977 in a skiing accident in Switzerland.
Facing the challenges of working in microgravity calls for fearless heroes and feats of courage.
The four fearless musicians who comprise NEWA took chances, venturing into the unknown.
Nicknamed the tiger with wings, the great horned owl is a fearless and feared bird of prey.
Unfortunately, unlike cutting taxes, cutting spending is a task that even the most fearless of politicians usually finds too hot to handle.
These executives and managers are humble, fearless, modest, and willful with endless reserves of energy.
Judicial immunity promotes independence by allowing the fearless performance of the judicial function.
Gertrude was brought up to be physically fearless and intellectually confident.
That figure is fearless, whether in the face of the enemy or of death itself.
She is my favorite author because she was so challenging, so fearless, so intelligent.
Being a firefighter requires much more than a brave, fearless approach and a calm nature.
This is a show in which our fearless heroine encounters an army of female super-robots!
On the one hand, you're a bold and fearless maven of modern times, but on the other, slings and arrows hurt!
He is a fearless crusader for the rights of the underprivileged, such as his son.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It won't cost much, and I'd rather have those fearless practical men here than all the rubes you could deputise.
She had been accustomed to it from her babyhood, and was as fearless as any of her brothers.
She canted her head to one side and considered him with fearless blue eyes.
But Persis was perfect to the saddle, part of the horse, as fearless and as expert in her smart gear as any cowgirl of the plains.
So fearless were they, that they made nothing of creeping in among the folds of his garments.
The crossbill troubles itself but little about the other inhabitants of the woods, and is said to be almost fearless of man.
I like the youth who is open and aboveboard, who says what he means and who is frank and fearless.
You are so really fearless and honest, dita, that I venture to ask the question.
As the Peregrine of falconry we know of the duck hawk as a fearless, dashing hunter of greater power of wing and talon.
He was one of Egypt's most capable and farsighted kings, and being as well a fearless warrior, he carried all before him.
Gordon's fearless bearing and strong will secured his object, and Suleiman returned with his men to shaka.
The woman must be the housewife, the helpmeet of the homemaker, the wise and fearless mother of many healthy children.
Minnehaha is one of those fearless singers who vocalize without a safety-valve.
Presently two handsome girls, with jimp raiment and fearless demeanour, came in and took possession of an adjacent table.
He was known as Richard the lion-hearted, because he was so brave and fearless.
As I told you before, when the timber wolf gets his blood up he is absolutely fearless.
In their excitable disposition, loud voices, and fearless demeanour, the Timorese closely resemble the people of New Guinea.
He unveils the mysteries of iniquity with a fearless and by no means an unreluctant hand.
There is not much in the figure of our pendentive to suggest the stern and fearless prophet of the wilderness.
We must not seek in Goldoni a prober of the human heart, not even a fearless satirist of social conditions.
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