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Again, David Lynch's fascination with electricity and unexplained phenomena comes to mind.
I watched, in mute fascination, as the black wingtip shoe sliced through the air.
This all results from my fascination with mummies and other bodies preserved from ancient times.
The strange bond that we recognise as the human-animal bond has long been a subject of fascination to those who are not animal lovers.
Lillian's fascination with turtles began at age nine, when she received a red-eared slider as a pet.
Perhaps the blame for our fascination with the violent acts of unhinged minds should be laid to rest at the creaking door of the Bates motel.
How do Baltimore artists grow past a fascination with wigs, boogers, and bicycles?
That first good bullet, bright as a newly minted coin, has always been an item of fascination to me.
North American jazz-derived bands have not shown much fascination with ouds, koras, and tablas.
Hs fatal fascination with the Arctic stems from his desire to find an environment suited to his peculiar slowness.
The perfumes from the Australian mints, boronias, ziaras and other plants are always a fascination to the visitor.
He was no apologist, but the glittering, near-feverish eloquence of his writing suggests fascination, almost reverence.
Unexpected and unsought, the sensation of awe has aroused fear as well as fascination among viewers.
Most of them were untrained, unaffiliated, unspecialized writers whose common trait was a fascination with the idea of America.
The rest of us will gaze upon this with a mixture of amusement, fascination, and confusion at the brazenly bizarre comedy.
The fascination about this musical is the exciting rock rhythms and the memorable, lyrical melodies.
My fascination with sonoluminescent bubbles continues, in a way, in my high-speed photographic studies of drops and splashes.
And the strange thing is that her life holds as much fascination for us here in Ireland as it does for the public across the water.
We also see the joy, fascination and wonderment on the faces of children as they read, talk with or entertain one of the characters.
Each model or client shows the same fascination and wonderment with their lifecast as an infant does when first recognising itself in a mirror.
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