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Parish councillors in Burnley have fallen out with their borough colleagues at the town hall over plans to build an apartment block.
I figured I had just dozed off in one of my classes and must have fallen out of the desk and hit my head on something.
I've been dossing for so long that my hair has all fallen out and I'm willing to bet my makeup has crumbled as well.
He had fallen out with his wealthy and wildly dysfunctional southern family and didn't want them to reclaim his remains.
She provides a bit of history for each punctuation mark, as well as noting a few that have fallen out of use.
It was as if somebody had lowered the curtain and the actors had fallen out of their roles.
Leonie Lamont found a dead possum in the car park which had fallen out of its tree overnight.
At one point, I thought my contact lens had fallen out as I couldn't focus properly, but then I realised this was actually the desired effect.
Despite the lip service paid to his skill, his work appears to have fallen out of favour with big-screen film-makers in recent years.
One look to the buggy said he wasn't there and one to the floor showed him lying face down having fallen out.
He also collected strands of their hair that had fallen out to make a switch.
I couldn't sleep for the hair that had fallen out tickling my face, and I had to get my mother to hoover my pillow every day.
She said that her left leg had gone dead and that she had fallen out of bed.
She felt a sudden urge to straighten his curly brown hair where it had fallen out of place.
By then O'Sullivan was a spent force having fallen out of contention at 16 miles.
At the same time, foreign investors have fallen out of love with equities and overseas markets have gone south.
They buy strong companies with solid management that have fallen out of favor and hold them until their stock prices climb to the true value.
Word has it that Sundance is, while financially secure, scurrying to secure new sponsorship partners after some have fallen out.
As we've come to expect from them, this debut is a minimal, tranquil folk album that seems to have fallen out of time.
The jukebox has fallen out of favour in recent years, due to the rise in popularity of the personal stereo amongst pub-goers.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Why, on the march I have known him, when all the doolies were full, give up his own horse to a man who had fallen out.
Had it fallen out, no human power could have prevented the ship from foundering.
Of these the Venite, Benedicite, and the Sanctus have in recent times fallen out.
The argument has largely fallen out of favor, in part because judges have recognized its speciousness.
Had the thing been concerted it couldn't have fallen out more uniformly.
A linchpin had fallen out, and permitted one of the wheels to slide off.
He would hear that from every one, and his heart would grow hard, and he would shiver in vain with the cold, like some poor little fledgling that has fallen out of the nest.
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