How to use fail to do in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
If we fail to do this work and act constructively right from now onwards, the freedom we have won for India will be just a nine days wonder.
Stereotypically perceptions of an idyllic rural life fail to do justice to the often harsh lives these people have led.
This is just another family on the bludge, using a compliant media who fail to do basic research.
A nurse would leave in the middle of a procedure, promising to return, but fail to do so.
Still, McRae has not been hesitant to bench players who fail to do the little things.
Military and DA civilian leaders have responsibility for what their sections, units, or organizations do or fail to do.
If they fail to do so, a bailiff will be instructed to execute a warrant to evict them.
To fail to do so would simply be to leave the door open to reinvestigating claims relating to treaty principles.
If we fail to do so, we will inevitably fail to gauge the real significance of the changes which are occurring.
One of the things these kids never fail to do is to turn up trumps for other people and they've done it again.
To the extent that the conservative or libertarian parts of the blogosphere become ingrown, they fail to do necessary persuasive work.
It is no concern of the author that their readers might attempt to replicate a way of life that does not exist, or be disappointed when they fail to do so.
What commentators often fail to do, however, is to translate our instincts into a reasoned articulable account of why such a privacy problem is harmful.
Did Mofaz fail to do his homework before joining or stumble in with no game plan?
When we fail to do this and make someone else the center of our lives, we're moving away from healthy connection and toward unhealthy codependency, she adds.
If governments fail to do the above it may put them in breach of binding international treaty obligations.
Thus, twenty skillful hypotheses will ascertain what 200,000 stupid ones might fail to do.
But a new study says youngsters who check their phones continually skip sleep, fail to do homework and may be compulsive texters.
According to the Committee, when systems fail to do so they risk infringing upon the human right to food and health, and to cultural participation and scientific benefits.
The Ascorbyl Glucoside reaches deep down the skin cells and works effectively to lighten the skin tone that most other traditional vitamin C formulations fail to do.
Examples from Classical Literature
Another thing Bassano could not fail to do, working as he did in the country, and for country people, was to paint landscape.
If the student has the opportunity of hearing himself by means of a phonographic record, he should not fail to do so.
So far as we fail to do this our view of divine truth is defective and disproportioned.
If we fail to do our part nobly the whole fabric of nationhood will fall.
If they fail to do so within a reasonable period, then you may be able to successfully bring a claim for housing disrepair.
The Ammonites are those who actively engage in evil deeds, while the Moabites are those who fail to do good.
People who fail to do this can act immaturely all of their lives.
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