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And then she faded away from me too, becoming a bitter, crazed mother who was determined to stop me from following the path of my father.
The ferocious energy shot into the sky, and the colossal beam was visible from miles around, until slowly, it faded away.
He came to L.A. as an all-star guard, rode the bench through the team's title run, then quickly and quietly faded away.
Seeing a man cry like that, I could not control myself and my partner faded away behind the fall of my own tears.
After the last note faded away, the audience was still, shaken to the core.
The world around her resolved itself into sharp focus, and the rainbows faded away from her eyes.
The glamour has faded away, because of the weak main building and the rampant plants growing inside and outside.
As older forms of front group activity faded away, they were replaced by newer formations that facilitated inter-class cooperation.
Gradually, the women faded away as they left for lunch, and Elizabeth set up her and Jack's own meal on a red gingham cloth.
The sky began to clear and there were puffy white clouds forming as the evening faded away.
They faded away in distress, in vain and into the forgotten pages of local history.
Spirit photography may have faded away, but spiritualism itself is going strong.
While Punjab was able to salvage a bronze in the men's section, the women faded away with a fourth place finish.
The songs I grew up with have faded away from the airwaves but not out of my mind.
Silence filled the room as the singer lost his voice, and the instruments faded away.
Although some amtracs turned back, most of the force got across, whereupon the defenders faded away.
The song slowly faded away, until all that remained was the muffled sounds of the soldiers and the occasional neighs from the horses.
His soberness from the shower had faded away and the numbing cloud of alcohol had returned.
Gregory snarled, but gradually, his temper faded away, and the rage he felt became like steam, and drifted up into the cloudy sky.
The dream faded away as Zack slept on, smiling as he hugged a slumbering Curtis tighter.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The cyanotic patches in the skin gradually faded away and the body became warmer.
For now the triumph faded away, the unsubstantial pageant was no more.
Again the reproachful look, which faded away as she met his eyes.
Nigh coming on, the ship stood out to sea, and every heart drooped as the land faded away.
But, when I drew near, the likeness to the face of a woman faded away, and I saw nothing before me but rugged heaps of piled-up rock.
It became terrible and then faded away and the little thoughts began again.
So entirely had it lost the life and resonance of the human voice, that it affected the senses like a once beautiful colour faded away into a poor weak stain.
Nevertheless, the Giolittian era and the failure to win suffrage in 1912 exhausted the early emancipationist movement, which very much had faded away by the onset of Fascism.
Her revolt faded away, her spirit wilting down into her tired flesh.
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