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But his brand of economics is by, for and about a Western culture, which is only one facet of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Debilitating self-loathing has been an all-too-prevalent facet of Scottish life and culture.
The lenticular process is substantially longer than the arm of the manubrium which connects the tympanum to the articular facet.
Some common variants have an additional facet articulation with the cuboid bone.
Conservation must remain an important facet of any eco-tourism business and the projects should do well economically to succeed, she feels.
The circumference of the facet gives attachment to the articular capsule of the tibiofibular articulation.
The lateral view provides a good image of the vertebral bodies, facet joints, lordotic curves, disc space height, and intervertebral foramen.
If you look through only one facet at the other facets, they look distorted and wrong.
Thus, visualization may be a facet of the cognitive alterations hypnosis may elicit.
For example, in faceted classification you will probably want to label each facet.
Her music already has a cinematic quality about it, and it is a facet of her sound she'd love to explore further.
Another commercial row between two of the world's economic superpowers involves a facet of America's tax code.
Our target is to win the tournament by dominating all opponents in every facet of the game.
I haven't read it all yet, but one facet of the investigation has caught my interest.
Scuba diving adds an excellent extra facet to the sun, sea and sand of a standard Caribbean visit.
Why is the recognition of this facet of reality an important stepping-stone to reaching a proper understanding of the soul?
The single fracture was visible as a fine crack spiralling from one facet edge all the way to the centre of the stone.
Sorcery is a tiny facet of magic, whose final goal is the realisation of nous and the unification of heaven and earth.
Reducing the facet length will increase vignetting at the edge of the scan line but may be a good trade-off depending on the application.
One facet of this tragedy is the absence of visionary leadership capable of leading humanity out of its quagmire.
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The system of controls circumscribed individual freedoms and reached nearly every facet of day-to-day life.
A facet of his panel had flashed a color at the lowest end of his visible spectrum.
This is not deeply grooved on the tibial facet as it is in fissiped Carnivora.
The calcaneum has a large facet for articulation with the fibula, as in Artiodactyla.
Thus each little division of a compound eye forms its own image of the object that happens to be exactly opposite its facet.
Butch describes how opposition complicated nearly every facet of Sherwood's work.
The ulnar articular facet is to be snipped off with bone-pliers.
Every facet of the Green Inaugural Ball has been designed to reduce the impact on the environment.
They were on a facet of the hill not quite so advantageous as others.
The opercular has a facet for articulation with the hyomandibular.
Every facet of the sprawling IC operation was being checked.
Besides, this was a facet of Budapest life he had yet to investigate.
He examined the auriferous facet with close scrutiny and satisfaction.
One facet of consistent feedback from former students and graduate schools in psychology was to enhance the research component of our curriculum.
Once more I felt the fascination of a comrade who was forever dazzling one with a fresh and unsuspected facet of his character.
Something seemed to turn over in his head bringing uppermost a singularly hard, clear facet of his brain.
They reportedly can be inserted bilaterally through the superior side of the facet, across the facet joint and into the inferior pedicle for translaminar facet fixation.
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