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The most common way to fabricate structures in the range of nanometres is the top-down approach.
Drug advertising uses strong imagery to fabricate mythical associations between medical conditions and branded drugs.
Many right-wing posters make the accusation that left-wingers fabricate their arguments.
Bryan is paranoid that police are dishonest and will fabricate evidence against him, Mr Hemsley said.
The nature of the percolative paths is peculiar to each of the compounds and the processing method used to fabricate them.
Early in the film, a ruthless couple fabricate a murder using high-voltage electricity in one of the ECT suites.
These methods allow engineers to fabricate many different types of planar IR antennas, including dipoles, spirals, and patches.
I think most children tend to tell the truth, particularly if it's in their best interests not to lie or fabricate.
Initially, IBM will fabricate the chip using 130-nm process technologies, copper interconnects and silicon-on-insulator technology.
The closeness of being in a packed car allows the trio the chance to swap stories and the lads to fabricate tales of bravado.
In the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, Amiloy 22 can be used to fabricate shaft bushings, bearings, piston rings, pump parts, and slide pads.
Don't try to fabricate anything on your CV, and don't try to hide anything at the interview, because you will be found out.
It is the social duty of the few to fabricate and defend these noble lies and pious frauds for the well-being of society.
Specialist mold makers created master patterns, which were used to fabricate working molds in plaster of Paris.
Better to discover how science is in fact developed and learned than to fabricate a fictitious structure to a similar effect.
Contractors will fabricate and test advanced structural components to failure to validate performance relative to predicted performance.
Still, it'd be difficult for me to fabricate enough new products to fill a whole column.
A decade later, researchers were able to fabricate photonic crystals that work in the near-infrared and visible regions of the spectrum.
The microwave area has naturally been most productive, because the metamaterials required are easier to fabricate.
The contract duration is 53 months to design, fabricate and test 3 production representative systems.
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What few of the prints I saw yesterday will fabricate, and the fabrications will work.
Workers separate the product from the earth, transport it, refine it, fabricate it.
He contrived, with some oil and the soot of his lamp, to fabricate a sort of ink.
Of course he was compelled to fabricate a statement in reply.
Why not fabricate her own raw silk, and send it to market ready for wear?
That the spy will fabricate his information is a mere commonplace.
The interior is constructed from River Red Gum wood sourced from a local plantation, and rattan is used to fabricate the individual pods.
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