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As much as I dislike extreme cold, a nice frost on the lawn would not be unwelcome.
Treating seriously injured casualties in extreme cold weather conditions is very difficult.
The holy shrines of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri are closed for six months a year due to inclement weather and extreme cold.
Goosebumps rose on her skin immediately and she stopped struggling almost all together because of the extreme cold.
The trees were rimed with frost and there was a stillness over the land that only came with extreme cold.
Texture holds together under scorching conditions and partially solidifies in extreme cold.
To combat the extreme cold of Minnesota winters, four layers of glass were laminated to create a barrier against heat loss and to secure the art collection inside.
Easterly winds bring us this extreme cold and, unlike a northerly wind, the easterly wind only has a short distance to travel over the warming sea.
Usually, it shows extreme heat or extreme cold and blood stasis.
In the extreme cold of the Arctic winter, hares dig dens in hardened drifts, and, while resting, they sit on their well-furred hind feet hunched into a heat-conserving ball.
They concluded that bears use shelters on land in late summer and fall while waiting for freeze-up, or in mid-winter to avoid periods of extreme cold.
Weather is usually seasonal varying from extreme cold to temperate.
Even in calm conditions, ice fog can form over the runway in extreme cold.
In the extreme cold, thick hides and warm coats insulate them.
The majority of Hannibal's fighters were unaccustomed to extreme cold of the high Alps, being mostly from Africa and Iberia.
Arctic hares look like rabbits but have shorter ears, are taller when standing, and, unlike rabbits, can thrive in extreme cold.
On the return trip, Scott and his four companions all died of starvation and extreme cold.
About 55,000 years ago, the climate began to fluctuate wildly from extreme cold conditions to mild cold and back in a matter of decades.
Snow acts as an insulator against extreme cold, protecting the root system of hibernating plants.
Whether they remained in the area during periods of extreme cold is unclear.
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She had somewhile suffered with a weak Heart, and this sudden and extreme cold paralysed what vitality it had.
Next morning the ends of my toes were so frostbit by the extreme cold of the country, that I could no longer go barefooted.
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