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She clung to every word, speechless, not daring to breathe until it was over.
Over ten years, I have developed the knack of looking as if I believe every word I'm being told yet knowing when I'm being spun a yarn!
Practically every word you say is a lie and you know it, regardless of what administration you work for.
The whole of the custody suite is covered by a video and sound recording system which captures every word or movement.
Do your students sit at your feet and follow your every word, is that an ideal relationship?
As one of the pillars of democracy, they have the right to question every word and deed.
Jimmie explained the process and Sara listened raptly, hanging on every word.
They'll be hanging on every word, waiting for opinions on the third and fourth quarters of the year.
A thousand times he had pleaded with her, and like a fool she had listened to him, hanging on his every word.
Maxine swept in, looking fabulous and kept us hanging on every word for the rest of the evening.
It was a place where I no longer had to worry about the possible negative repercussions of my every word and deed.
The opening and title story makes it very clear that every word counts, and must be weighed for meaning, both obvious and hidden.
Playwright, director, and cast make you believe every word so that you feel you know these people as intimately as your own family.
The learned adhere closely to their hieroglyphical writing, representing every word by its corresponding picture.
The Watson and Crick article contains no padding, and every word carries its weight.
Jamie has a great post that I was going to excerpt, but every word is on the money.
They often required careful, unnatural speech, with pauses after every word, and their transcription error rate was unacceptably high.
Ideally everybody would read every word of every page as you might read a Trollope novel.
Even though I have lots of people who hang on my every word and would do anything I told them to, I feel impotent and helpless.
The team will ransack every word of testimony, memo and report for any inaccuracy, inconsistency or contradiction.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And then the look and handclasp between them turned every word into sweetness and good-will.
It consists simply in the addition of the syllable ery, preceded by the sound of hard g, to every word.
But this man was promising me more than she had done, and his every word was measured.
From another man it might have been just slobber, but Henry I. Dround meant it, every word.
You take every word that's in the Spam and count how many times it appears.
Grumpy Weasel was quick to see that fat Mrs. Hen swallowed every word he said as greedily as if it had been an angleworm.
He was not prepared with any answer, though he hotly resented every word of her accusation.
His mental vision of his meeting is that of a huge gathering of keen people with Indo-Germanic faces, hanging upon every word.
In spite of his fine manner and bearing, his every word had been irrational.
She listened with a curiosity which drank in every word and yet was not satiated.
And he began a long story, false from beginning to end, but every word of which the Bengalee writer took down.
You long-tongued fool, what assurance have ye that the lord-warden himself does not hear every word you are saying?
I read it over, over and over again to memorise every word of the letter, and it was a glad toil.
With phonographic distinctness he could recall almost every word that was said.
You swallowed every word Graves said, caro, as if he was the whole book of Proverbs.
I have a feeling that his job is to evaluate every word you say and report his evaluation to Tarnhorst.
Here every word of the pada text occurs twice, being connected both with that which precedes and that which follows.
Don't imagine that my withers are wrung by what you say, for I agree with almost every word of it.
Pratinas had made of every word a venomed arrow, and each and all struck home.
Rufus continued heavily, fatefully, gathering force with every word, as a loosened rock beginning to roll down a mountain side.
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