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How to use every one in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "every one"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Since the first trains steamed out of Oxenhope in 1978, Angela, 66, of Bingley, has worked on every one of the four trips a year.
You can tell a baby is swallowing by listening for a swallow sound after every one to four sucks.
But every one or two minutes, the placid water erupts in an explosion of mud, followed by a plume of white steam.
While every one else was letting it all hang out, they sported suits, ties and short haircuts.
Brown scapulars were distributed as mementoes to each and every one present.
The four I've won here have all been won by a distance and every one has been as sweet as the last.
We must clean house and send every one of these evolutionary throwbacks to the pond from which they slithered.
The mixture is greenish white in color and when sweetened to taste is relished by nearly every one.
At one stage it ripped through a flock of sheep, miraculously missing every one of the panicking beasts.
Top be honest I was a little bit tired, I suppose every one of us on the Great Britain team was, but we were all ready to give it a bash again.
But then the weeds start sprouting up, and for every one you pull, there are five more to replace it.
In every one of these works Moore clearly stated undefined terms and axioms, then methodically proved theorems based on them.
It becomes a cycle where each wheel in the spoke enables the other, and every one on the business end makes more money.
I'll be sleeping with one eye open around every one of you sneaky puling horse thieving bastards.
She thought on each and every one of these during the ride home, not speaking a word the entire way.
Almost every one here speaks French, some do speak English, and a lot of the time you can find some one that speaks both.
For every one bottle of Cognac sold in France, French drinkers buy 10 bottles of whisky.
They were all looking at him, every one of the kids, as they saw what a broken person he had become.
Not every one of these cases is likely to achieve unquestioned acceptance as evidence for ordained women in the ancient Church.
There's a sucker born every minute, and every one of them will fall for any worm and virus that hits their in-box.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The indiction itself, and every one of the years composing it, began on the 1st of September of the calendar year.
Next to Gold and Mercury Lead is the heaviest of all metalline substances, but in hardness is exceeded by every one of them.
And every one of the sixty-nine has its playground, which will by and by be free to all the neighborhood.
If he is incommoded by the crowd, he waves his hand and every one makes way.
And he knew every one of them and sang them all with the tailing of the bag-pipes in the sound.
There was always lots of trench mortar fighting here, and we had orders to send over six shells for every one that came across.
There was a good show of blossom, but when it came to the apples, every one was blighted.
He gave to every one of them, said the Son of Sirach, commandment concerning his neighbour.
For a long period almost every one, far and near, knew her as a spaewife of no ordinary knowledge.
If worship is confined to the idolization of the sun or the cat, every one realizes the temporality of the matter.
I'll not rest till I have every one in the house examined on oath,' cried Kearney.
In a democracy, every one legislates, and every one legislates for his own interests.
In every one of his writings there is the same defect, except in Sybil and in lothair.
She borrows of every one, even the masseuse and the charwoman, my dear, its quite awful!
Where every one of these trees is, some kind of fruit tree would grow if properly planted and looked after.
It was as good as a ghost story, every one was so spellbound and mystified.
True, the accident had occurred at dawn, when every one but the sentries was asleep.
There was a good sized crowd of them, every one with some kind of shooting iron, and I saw at once that they meant business.
The critic reviewed a premire we had just given, slating every one but myself, and saying that I belonged on the world-stage.
This matter of soil conservation is of the greatest importance to every one of us.
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