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After evaporation, the whey is spray-dried in one of two dryers, first to a 15 percent moisture content at 450 degrees, then slowly to 4 percent.
A high degree of soil exposure also results in high surface evaporation resulting in years of low rainfall becoming severe droughts.
The small water droplets have a large surface area which allows for a great deal of evaporation.
Downdraughts can be accelerated on its path by evaporation, and this can cause downbursts to occur.
Water use or evapotranspiration is composed of two parts, transpiration from the plant and evaporation from the soil surface.
In each of these settings, progressive evaporation of seawater leads to precipitation of calcite and gypsum followed by halite.
Dew point and relative humidity go hand-in-hand and both involve evaporation and condensation.
Ice cold beverages desensitize the taste-buds and prevent the evaporation of the volatile components that contribute aroma.
Similar proportions of nonradioactive Deet were measured chemically after evaporation and washing.
Another reason why large towns and cities are generally warmer is due to decreased amounts of evaporation.
The liquor undergoes a process of further evaporation and fermentation to remove volatile compounds like methanol, furfural and ethanol.
Finally, mosses may, like higher plants, also have a waxy cuticle and stomata to help control evaporation.
It has been shown that a 100-micron droplet requires a little over 5 seconds to free-fall 5 feet if no evaporation occurs.
Floating covers of low-density synthetic foam rubber are effective for controlling evaporation from vertical walled open-topped storage.
Insecticides are not very active at low temperatures and considerable spray is lost to evaporation or inversions at high temperatures.
The rough surface of the filter paper, located above the sample, substantially increases the surface area for evaporation.
Also, a mat of threadlike filamentous algae floating on the surface greatly increases the rate of water loss through evaporation.
If warm water affects evaporation, let's see if cooling water vapor affects condensation!
The opposite of evaporation is condensation where vapor changes to a liquid.
It sits beside beautiful Mono Lake, a brackish inland sea that loses water only by evaporation.
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Examples from Classical Literature
By neutralising acetic acid with nickelous carbonate, and gently concentrating by evaporation, so that crystals may form.
This reagent is usually added to the sol, after evaporation and before gelation.
By evaporation, with the usual precautions, they may be obtained either in the pulverulent or crystalline form.
To provide a mulch of dry soil so as to prevent the evaporation of moisture.
The ethyl acetate was removed from the remainder of the solution by evaporation and the yellow residue was taken up in alcohol.
If the evaporation is discontinued before the solution has attained the composition F, only double salt will have separated out.
From willow bark which is fresh, and rich in salicin, it may be obtained by the cautious evaporation of the cold aqueous infusion.
The ether, on evaporation, left the ester which was crystallized from water and dried in a desiccator over sulphuric acid.
Round these there were circles of dampness, showing that evaporation was taking place.
This extract contains only the bitter portion of the chamomile, the aromatic volatile oil being dissipated during the evaporation.
By dissolving carbonate or oxide of cadmium in hydrochloric acid, and crystallising by gentle381 evaporation.
The black liquor on evaporation yields a thick resinous mass, which is converted into carbonate of soda when burnt.
The crystals are purified by pressure between the folds of bibulous paper, solution in ether, and evaporation.
O what an evaporation wherewith to bewray the masks or mufflers of young mangy queans.
Another process for attenuating the atmosphere over the surface of fluids during evaporation is by the action of an air-pump.
Dissolve in aqua regia, and product after evaporation will be found better for toning than that precipitated by iron.
By spontaneous evaporation the ammoniacal solution deposits small, colourless crystals of cystic oxide.
Warm dry air, especially when in motion, promotes the aeriform transpiration, by favouring evaporation.
On evaporation of the petroleum ether, the nitro-benzene is left, perhaps mixed with fatty matters.
The river contained more water the higher we mounted, for below the water was lost by evaporation and percolation into the ground.
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