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For this dessert, we lightened a classic flan by using fat-free evaporated milk and a combination of whole eggs and egg whites.
Borden's condensed milk was sweetened, but unsweetened evaporated milk followed.
The most popular food continues to be Mongolian tea, which is now made from an infusion of tea, evaporated milk, nutmeg and butter.
When I substituted lower-fat dairy products, like half-and-half and evaporated milk, they caused the sauce to curdle.
Ian woke Nick and they ate a light breakfast of canned peaches and fried corned beef washed down with a tin of reconstituted evaporated milk.
While fresh milk is the way to go, in an emergency situation it's good to have skim milk powder and canned evaporated milk on hand.
The batter looks just keen and the creamed sugar and shortening, evaporated milk and malted milk powder fluffs into tawny copper peaks.
Whip the evaporated milk until frothy and then add the jelly, cheese, vanilla essence and lemon juice.
Add evaporated milk while whisking constantly and add spices and salt and pepper to taste.
Combine the eggs and cream or evaporated milk with salt and pepper to taste.
It was as if she'd always known, someday grandpa would require evaporated milk to save his live so she stockpiled it and this, this was the culmination of all her dreams.
Now, while I admit to substituting evaporated milk for cream, I still contend that there was something amuck with the recipe. The paternal unit refused to go anywhere near it.
Do not use evaporated milk, which is the same thing but without sugar.
Pour the cream and evaporated milk into a saucepan and bring to the boil.
Another significant ingredient export is skim milk powder, used for evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and animal feed, in addition to other foods.
This smells of chalky blackboard rubbers and evaporated milk.
Add evaporated milk, skim milk, spices and flavorings, and blend well.
The venture will see both companies work together to build a production facility in Nigeria, which will supply evaporated milk and milk powder to the local Nigerian market.
Today we can also find mangoes, avocados, quinoa, coffee, evaporated milk, lucuma, giant corn, snacks, mandarins, limes, scallops, mussels, beans and more.
Add 25g muscovado sugar, 175g evaporated milk and a canful of cold water.
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Condensed or evaporated milk may be utilized very nicely in the making of these two beverages.
In any recipe requiring milk, condensed or evaporated milk may be substituted with very satisfactory results.
Now do you see why you make two holes in the top of a can of evaporated milk when you wish to pour the milk out evenly?
Then mix this mixture and the evaporated milk as you need it.
We would have them for dessert with sugar and evaporated milk.
You'll have to supply the apples along with a few tablespoons evaporated milk to melt with the caramels.
Strain off, and serve with cream, or milk, or evaporated milk and sugar.
For traveling, the simplest formula is one of evaporated milk.
Undiluted, unsweetened, evaporated milk may be used in place of cream.
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