Sentences and phrases with the word ebbed

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ebbed? Here are some examples.


Popular support wavered, morale ebbed away, and Congress abandoned Philadelphia.

Plague cases ebbed over the winter, and Charles returned to London in February 1666.

This tide has ebbed and flowed in response to politics, economics and social conditions of both places.

The area of the March varied as the fortunes of the Marcher Lords and the Welsh princes ebbed and flowed.

However, these powers ebbed away as more and more civic and judicial powers were centred on county towns.

During the 1680s, however, popular support for the Exclusion Bill ebbed, and Charles experienced a nationwide surge of loyalty.

Mary's initial popularity ebbed away in 1554 when she announced plans to marry Prince Philip of Spain, the son of Emperor Charles V and an active Catholic.

Mary's initial popularity ebbed away in 1554 when she announced plans to marry Prince Philip of Spain, the son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and an active Catholic.

However, competition at club level has been going on around the world since the late nineteenth century thanks to emigration from Ireland, and the strength of the game has ebbed and flowed along with emigration trends.

However, since the Government of India wanted to ensure against any sabotage of the reform process by extremists, and since its reform plan was devised during a time when extremist violence had ebbed as a result of increased governmental control, it also began to consider how some of its wartime powers could be extended into peacetime.

Doubts over the strength of the relationship between the European states and the United States ebbed and flowed, along with doubts over the credibility of the NATO defence against a prospective Soviet invasion—doubts that led to the development of the independent French nuclear deterrent and the withdrawal of France from NATO's military structure in 1966 for 30 years.

The market for these toys took off in the late 1980s but interest has ebbed and flowed since then.

Can Australia's Hare Krishnas survive this scandal or does this spell the end of a movement that has ebbed and flowed.

As more and more cafes have touted on Brunswick Street, the madding Marios crowd has ebbed a little.

As you'd expect, the cafe has ebbed and surged over a decade.

In the following week, the storm ebbed, the cups of tea and the Bex were passed around.

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