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She was wearing a large brown coat that went all the way down to here ankles and a pair of large earmuffs.
The company offers amber shooting glasses, folding earmuffs, and padded headband earmuffs.
Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented by avoiding excessive noise and using hearing protection such as earplugs and earmuffs.
You should always use earmuffs or properly fitted earplugs to reduce the noise getting into your inner ear.
The use of electronic earmuffs has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years.
Each of the girls, as well as Ethan, wore their thickest coats and warmest mittens, as well as scarves and hats and earmuffs.
Billy noticed that there was no longer any noise, and took the earmuffs off.
One of the requirements in the programmes is that employees wear earmuffs on the job.
A warm, waterproof ski coat or parka is essential, as well as hats, waterproof gloves, socks, pants and earmuffs.
Gordon said for headgear the team members will probably wear headbands, earmuffs and caps in the place of traditional nassait.
As for the night, you better have a good pair of earmuffs if you want to get a nice sleep down in downtown.
By 1997 the pair had sold more than 600,000 earmuffs on the home-shopping network.
One has brought along some curious lilac fluffy spheres attached to a hairband, which she informs me are earmuffs.
The boys ran through the hallways, wrapped in pea coats and scarves, mittens and earmuffs.
After 18 months of hard use, I succeeded in knocking my electronic earmuffs onto the concrete pad of the firing line.
Even if they portray the latest style or texture, earmuffs are just completely out of style.
Katelyn stood out in the snow, bundled up in her scarf, coat, sweater, and earmuffs.
I took off my earmuffs and protective glasses, tossing them on a nearby chair.
With two sweaters, three turtlenecks, earmuffs and a scarf, I had everything I needed for a wonderful European vacation.
Hearing protection devices, like earplugs, earmuffs and canal caps, are sold in drugstores and hardware stores.
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