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Previous studies showed that carotid artery dilatation is a compensatory mechanism in early stages of atherosclerosis.
The plans were only in their early stages, but Joanne had her heart set on marrying Paul some time next year.
It began at a belting pace with numerous ferocious challenges providing most of the entertainment in the early stages.
In the early stages symptoms can be similar to many other winter illnesses like flu.
The crowds were slow enough in the early stages and it took some years for the venue to flower into one of the best known halls in the province.
In its very early stages, Alzheimer's causes changes in the olfactory nerves.
Democratization there is in its very, very early stages, and could pop like a balloon.
Just as modern society itself was still in its early stages, so modern social science had not yet progressed beyond the very first stages.
Once the sufferer has progressed beyond its early stages, it is no longer treatable.
Trauma during the early stages of evolution may induce the isomorphic phenomenon to produce a linear distribution of papules.
Do not get discouraged if in the early stages of your novitiate you cannot successfully translate these basic principles into practice.
In this study we monitored membrane ionic permeability at early stages of fusion mediated by the fusogenic protein influenza hemagglutinin.
He said the aircraft flew sorties twice a day in the early stages of the exercise and had to be fully replenished both times.
Despite being destined from the early stages to win at a canter, they spoiled and soiled their display with a series of other cynical acts.
Most people I know tend to practice serial monogamy, even at the early stages of the relationship.
It is in the early stages of proceedings and has been communicated to the Irish government.
The blastocoelic cavity usually collapses during the early stages of implantation.
We are trying to encourage our involvement at the early stages of the design process.
As the flagship of Admiral Lord Howe, she played an important part in the early stages of the war with France.
In the early stages it looks similar to blood poisoning or septicaemia and suspected cases should go to hospital.
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When it affects the lower jaw, in its early stages, actinomycosis may closely simulate a periosteal sarcoma.
In all four stages, spiracle persistent, and pigmentation resembling that of early stages.
In the early stages the contents of the joint are composed of thin pus and synovia.
The interchangeability, the essential unity of all the arts, is the strongest characteristic of art in its early stages.
These are presented to us when we study the early stages in the development of the embryos of the Metazoa in general.
But in the early stages of national education the monitorial method served a valuable purpose.
A number of neuropterous insects whose early stages are passed in the water are furnished with branchial trache or false gills.
Wattles, SCI's Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer stated that SCI is still in the early stages of major growth.
The Public also hooted at wireless telegraphy in its early stages.
Dromore Dazzler looks a natural inside runner, but his big task will be keeping tabs on Big Appetite in the early stages.
I suspect that there were quite a number of pleasingly plump singers among the 350 hopefuls from 55 countries who entered the competition at its early stages.
When the 7x57 appeared, rifles then built for smokeless powder were in the early stages of their evolution, so often weren't as strong as later designs.
Kieren Fallon had him in the box seat, tracking his main market rival Natagora in the early stages before unleashing him on the outside to make his challenge.
Leipheimer won the Tour of the Gila after finishing first in two of the early stages and coming in third behind Armstrong in the last stage, dubbed the Gila Monster.
We hypothesize that the role of manganese during early stages of development may be related primarily to its biological activity as an essential nutrient in human metabolism.
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