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The project is still at an early stage, and no application for planning permission has even been made yet.
However, so far talks are at an early stage and there are still many discussions to take place.
It should be a source of optimism for us all that even at an early stage of the crisis, there is a substantial opposition movement to war.
Tom claims to have healed bad backs, slipped disks and cataracts, and he claims to have cured two people who were in the early stage of cancer.
At this early stage it is too soon to say whether it has been a good or bad thing to do or what the repercussions of it all might be.
Non-disclosure agreements prevented him from saying precisely which companies these are and talks are still at an early stage.
But in this early stage of the 21st century, the bur oak still serves important ecological needs.
Even at this early stage, the non-party has 70 regional branches, which will discuss the programmatic paper.
The judge explained to him at an early stage that he was being asked to fine him or commit him to prison.
I hope that the whole idea will be squashed at this early stage, but if it goes further I will fight to keep our right to regional labelling.
Wilmut and his team insist they will not allow the cloned embryos to develop beyond an early stage.
If endosperm cell division is halted at an early stage, kernels abort and fail to set seed.
At an early stage the jury were told of the appellant's previous convictions.
Telling her about my IVF at an early stage meant we could work well as a team to cover any ante-natal absences.
This is an instance of a very early stage of the apparent disseverment of an atoll.
However, plans for the unit sales and bond issue remain at an early stage, he added.
Many experts, including Sharma, feel that one way to address this harsh reality is to begin gender sensitization at an early stage.
Beneficial microbial populations outcompete decay-causing microbes for nutrients at a critical early stage in the pathogens' development.
Women who are diagnosed at an early stage do much better than women who are diagnosed later.
I imagine a few of them thought Zamarra's cooking was good, but not mind-blowingly good, and at this early stage, they may be right.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It is written in the assonant, or vowel rhyme, that was universal among European nations in the early stage of their civilization.
Bacteria are supposed to have played a part in the early stage of alteration, sometimes called the biochemical stage.
I have spoken of only the early stage of the activity of the conceptive faculties.
In the early stage of pleurisy the serous membrane is dry, and as the disease advances the membrane becomes unnaturally moist.
It is in the early stage that sequestration and suppressive measures are most valuable.
Most species of univalves are wanderers, many bivalves are free, and multivalves become fixed at an early stage of existence.
At a very early stage the olfactory nerve attaches itself to the olfactory epithelium.
At an early stage the pollen grain contains but a single cell.
Pons has over 30 years of senior level management experience with early stage ventures and Fortune 500 and turnaround companies.
In the very early stage, purgatives or emetics are admissible.
At an early stage a process of encrustation began, and continued.
It is sometimes observed in the early stage of enteric fever.
Now in the Salamandrina the gland appears at an early stage.
Crupp must have been a woman of penetration, for, even in that early stage, she found it out.
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