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They went to the bookies early in the day and hopped from there to the pub.
In the sixties and seventies, weddings were held early in the day and were finished by 7pm.
Yesterday, we stirred ourselves early in the day in order to go for a walk at Bedgebury Pinetum, followed by lunch at the Oak and Ivy.
Discomfort and stiffness are usually worse early in the day and are eased by movement.
He knew it was rather early in the day to be smoking it, but he needed to relax before he spilled the big news to everyone.
In fact the whole place was a bit on the quiet side, but maybe I arrived a bit early in the day.
Soon after Ms. Atchara Pachimnan officially opened the bazaar, shoppers literally filled the place from early in the day.
The sporting entertainment kicked off early in the day as crowds gathered around large TV screens to watch the World Cup final.
It was still early in the day so Ann opted for a toasted teacake and hot chocolate.
Snorkel early in the day, before Hawaii's trade winds ruffle the surface and stir up sand in the water, which reduces visibility.
The BBC reported this story this morning and it is not often I am so angered by anything so early in the day.
If you take melatonin too early in the day, you may become sleepy before bedtime and it may take you longer to adapt to your new time zone.
Why can't they have patrols instead of knocking off from work early in the day.
Petr picked up a coloured fish early in the day, an eleven pounder that fought as though jet-propelled.
But while every other match was called off early in the day, or even on Friday, Peebles were left to count the cost of a wasted journey.
She probably would have been more cautious on the graveyard shift, but who expected such weirdness this early in the day?
I'd cleaned the house thoroughly early in the day and Dolly and I had managed to get by with only minimal mess.
In fine weather it is wise to visit the glaciers early in the day as the skies tend to cloud over in the afternoon.
I cannot put the cattle back into the kraal so early in the day!
Also, the cattle are less likely to stampede if it's early in the day.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It was yet early in the day when I reached gojil, where the Jicarilla and friendly Ute were encamped.
It was still early in the day and there was something of the slattern in her dragging gown.
When Orange reached the house in Vigo Street, it was still early in the day.
They should have captured the understrapper early in the day.
On the twenty-second of August, early in the day, they came upon the trail of a numerous band.
It was still early in the day, and the yacht was lying off harwich.
Early in the day, these architects had made an equitable division of their duties.
Early in the day they came upon a stream running to the east, between low hills of bluish earth, strongly impregnated with copperas.
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