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I gingerly crept to my parents' room and listened with my ear at the keyhole.
He leans into her ear and whispers the important lesson he's learned about life, a lesson that also helps Charlotte reconcile her rocky marriage.
He was left blind with an open cavity from ear to ear and eyebrows to lipline.
In most cases the doctor can see into the ear canal using an instrument called an auroscope and diagnose the problem.
Chickens may die without showing any symptoms, but typically, birds suddenly show swelling about the eyes, wattles and ear lobes.
Anyone who's known me for any length of time will remember that I have trouble with my right ear from time to time.
I sat up and leaned against the armrest, my face glowing as I beamed from ear to ear.
We would place an ear on the line to hear the rattling sound of wheels of the approaching trains.
The 28-year-old lost more than half his ear in the rumpus which spilled onto the pavement outside Zinc in Lucy Road.
Finally, Martin managed to whisper in my ear that he loved me and boarded the plane.
Sam managed to whisper in his ear before she felt she would be taken over by tears again.
The sergeant managed to whisper something in Leila's ear that was faint to both Daniel's and Lance's own hearing.
She can speak English but prefers to whisper in my ear rather than talking out loud in the noisy bar area.
A great score by Krzystof Penderecki and gorgeous cinematography keep the ear and eye riveted even while the brain is in meltdown.
These neuroendocrine tumors arise from the adventitia of the jugular bulb or the neural plexus within the middle ear space.
It's also a very good idea to have the cat wormed, vaccinated and treated for fleas and ear mites.
To the guitar riffs he said nothing, letting the ear splitting dissonance of the whammy bar do all the talking for him.
When you insert cotton-tipped applicators or tissues in your ear, the wax is just pushed deeper into the ear canal.
They produce quantities of small adornments of hammered sheet gold, including spiral ear and twisted nose ornaments.
Seconds later, He wet his finger and stuck it in the ear of an unsuspecting TV reporter.
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