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Spend a week in Venice mastering local delicacies such as seafood ravioli, bigoli pasta and risi e bisi soup.
This practice arose with the change in value of the preceding vowel at the time of the Great Vowel Shift, after which the final e fell silent.
The variations for piano and orchestra, on a romance from Morlacci's opera Tebaldo e Isolina, were destined for the court at Parma.
We must ask ourselves what binds us together as Americans, what makes us e pluribus unum, “out of many, one.”
The Latin phrase e pluribus unum is found on the seal of the United States, adopted by an Act of their Congress in 1782.
In the proof below, we use the fact that e is the sum of the series of inverted factorials.
The castle is worth a look with its 12 th-century keep, two-storey chapel, Renaissanc e apartments and vaulted kitchen.
The emender changed the original a to e, though the e is still partially visible.
The user accomplished this pairing by highlighting r in the domain and e in the codomain, and clicking the map button.
There are also a good many cases in which the French name ends in a weak e and would produce an oxytone.
If your summers veer towards the torrid, a soft coat low e with a lower SHGC may be a more sensible strategy.
But for a poet concerned with scansion, as Chaucer was, that weak ending the final e offered was a blessing.
Likewise, we can find proof from the very beginning Marulic used majuscular e caudata, which regularly disappeared without trace in the print.
The passion of the Allegretto poco moderato e comodo was never allowed to become overly sentimental.
Some 20 years later, in a famous aphorism Omnis cellula e cellula, Rudolf Virchow annunciated that all cells arise only from pre-existing cells.
The ampersand is an ancient Roman symbol derived from the ligature or combination into one character of the e and t in the Latin et, meaning and.
In that year Briggs gave a numerical approximation to the base 10 logarithm of e but did not mention e itself in his work.
At this point he could have explained the elegant square-and-multiply method, based on writing e in binary.
Moderato e maestoso, the fourth movement, sent me back into the cool night with delight of the highest order.
Rabotkina brought refreshing restraint and imaginative, often poetic musical shape to the thrice familiar Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The scheme is a b a b c c d d e d E in the stanzas and d d e d E in the envoi.
But e couetyse of men at may not be staunched shal it bynde me to be stedfast.
It may be said that the image of h happens to fall on the blind-spot, e and e being above and below the same.
The symbol e for the base of the Napierian logarithms was introduced by Euler.
His Nama ws Hiesus, t is Hlend, foran e h gehl ealle a e on hine rihtlice gelyfa.
I am sorry I did not see the Sordi e muti, which is admirably conducted, and where the pupils by all accounts perform wonders.
We see that the e was sounded, because there is a third riming word, in the phrase in the strete.
Will you, then, permit me to ask you what is the translation of ala e ala, word for word?
The ordinary, and e the extraordinary, ray, both of which are polarized light.
With a round file make semicircles at c and e to hold the rollers on which the engine is moved into position.
And ilke noble renoun shal be restreyned wi-inne e boundes of o maner folk but how many a man at was Ful noble in his tyme.
The fullering at b was then extended by a spreading fuller, shaped as at b, and the end e was drawn out.
In the following year he produced 'Piramo e Tisbe,' a pasticcio, which failed completely.
Of these the most important result was Il Triregno, ossia del regno del cielo, della terra, e del papa.
This done, withdraw the seconde of the lower ordre fro the figure above his hede of e omyst ordre, and wirche as before.
The sea returns Allegro molto e frenetico in full force, and likewise the vague motive of the story in a cadenza of violin solo.
And syn we knowen wel at many a man ha sout e fruit of blisfulnesse nat only wi suffryng of dee.
There is their inscription, e pluribus unum, an unquestionable stamp of nationality and value, which they carry wherever they go.
For in 3840 is matere men weren wont to maken questiouns of e simplicite of e purueaunce of god and of e ordre of destine.
We do not as yet know how the intensities of e, e and h will relatively appear.
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