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Some people put a dab of petroleum jelly in the nose at night to combat dryness.
Back in the kitchen I sipped my apple juice, quenching the dryness of my throat.
Drinking water helps to relieve some of that dryness and the aspirin helps with the pain.
Some antihistamines are more likely to cause dryness of the mouth than others.
Applying moisturizing creams daily will help prevent dryness and cracks, keeping cuticles looking neat and making cutting unnecessary.
His comedic style is marked mostly by self-deprecation, dryness, and yelling.
Whatever the source, the wood needs to be stacked and covered to ensure dryness.
The lipid was redissolved in diethyl ether that was then re-evaporated under nitrogen to complete dryness.
The indiscriminate use of the pond water by residents in the area has pushed it to the verge of dryness.
Hybrid Tea Roses require lots of water during hot weather, especially if the heat is accompanied by dryness.
I can be aware that the wine is dry without tasting the wine or its dryness.
What is really needed now is a sustained period of dryness to alleviate future flood potential, as well as firm up soils for farm machinery.
In addition to this area in southwest Nebraska, abnormal dryness developed across most of the state in June.
Pockets of mild dryness continue across extreme southwest Nebraska, as well as the northwestern Panhandle.
It is the mix of yeasts in and around the winery that have the potential to ferment a wine to dryness.
The aqueous phase was recovered and for each sample 2 ml aliquots were evaporated to dryness in a freeze drier.
The combined extracts were dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate and the filtrate was evaporated to dryness under reduced pressure.
In a white wine I really want dryness and with the Italian there is always an undertone of sweetness.
Citrus fruit and hop bitterness hits the flavour with a bitter dryness and light finish.
He closed them tightly, feeling the bittersweet sensation of stinging dryness and strain wetted with fresh tears beneath the lids.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In ascending or descending a few hundred metres, the hygrometer may be observed to pass from dryness to saturation.
In cases in which there is induration or dryness of the part, the use of warm embrocations is indicated.
The alkaline liquor must be supersaturated with muriatic acid, and evaporated to dryness.
The pain in deglutition and the local heat and dryness are sometimes much greater than in the more ordinary forms of pharyngitis.
The undistilled solution is filtered, the filtrate evaporated to dryness, and the residual mass treated with alcohol.
He thereby avoided the usual dryness of metaphysical studies, which makes them unenjoyable.
The first lesion of pleurisy is overfilling of the blood vessels that ramify in this membrane and dryness of the surface.
Filter again, and concentrate the liquor in a water bath to dryness, keeping the temperature below 100 C., to avoid detonations.
Neutralise hydrosulphocyanic acid with ammonia, and gently evaporate the solution to dryness, by the heat of a water bath.
This may be obtained by decomposing wolfram with aqua regia, and evaporating to dryness.
At first dryness, then watery discharges, finally involving the frontal sinuses and the conjunctival membrane.
There seemed to be a great dryness of her throat and the muscles of her throat were paretic.
His heart began to pound, and he swallowed to relieve the dryness in his throat.
The filtered solution of sulphate of eserine is evaporated rapidly to dryness by the aid of a gentle heat.
The alcohol is evaporated to dryness, and any curarine extracted from this residue with water.
It contained no urea, could be evaporated to dryness without offence, and showed no tendency to putrefy.
Its grittiness would hurt the newborn weaklings, its dryness would absorb the moisture indispensable to their movements.
But the anticyclone is an agent of dryness, hence their short duration.
Even at that time, I had not conquered my aversions to the dryness of a life of study.
The dryness of the climate makes very strongly for its salubrity.
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