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My clothes for tomorrow are actually ironed with the exception of the compulsory jacket-thing that is hung up drying.
When I was done she wrapped my shoulders in a towel, and then performed her own quick ablutions as Alice and I finished drying ourselves.
The worst day was the end of the month, a time when his funds were close to drying up.
This drying technique involves the use of an absorbent which desiccates the rose by transferring the moisture from the petals to another medium.
The outbuildings had rooms for drying beans, storing lumber, hanging the wash in bad weather.
If the sheets have cooled, throw a damp washcloth in the dryer and resume drying for 10 more minutes.
Yet this is an invaluable tool in a household where the washing and drying of clothes is a daily task.
I remember my grandmother always had plastic bags drying on the washing line.
For drying off the car, the most popular aid is a good quality wash leather, but these should also be kept very clean.
New showers and washrooms will also be provided plus a drying room for wet gear and clothing.
Seal the drying salt in an airtight container such as a glass jar or plastic tub.
Right, the water measurer prepares to climb the mensicus by drying its non-wetting claws.
Ethanol was then replaced with amyl acetate in preparation for critical point drying with liquid carbon dioxide.
Hilda's blank eyes stared at her, face waxen and mouth open in a silent scream with a thin line of blood drying on the side of bluish lips.
Calendula helps to heal broken skin, and the oil in the salve creates a protective barrier that prevents mucous membranes from drying out.
In an exposed garden, it is worth putting up a temporary windbreak to protect the cuttings from drying winds.
This product is even VAE modified latex, characterized by inocuity, insipidity, high drying speed, strong viscidity and firm adhibiting.
Early Europeans cured cod by salting the wet fish on shipboard, but by the later 1500s they were drying and salting fish on shore.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific preparation, adhesive and trowel use, and drying time.
Problems facing farmers include the extra costs involved in drying wheat, barley and oilseed rape.
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