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And for science to produce a hypothesis that claims that doxastic states don't exist would be illogical and self-defeating.
According to doxastic voluntarism, believing and disbelieving are choices that are up to us to make.
A third common line of objection to doxastic theories is that we may sometimes base beliefs on reasons of which we are unaware.
As we saw, Goldman is skeptical about the prospects of identifying and adequately formulating regulative doxastic principles.
In general, doxastic, metaphysical, modal, semantic, or syntactic expressions are not epistemic.
But the two kinds of doubt invoke quite different doxastic attitudes.
Furthermore, also doxastic collective intentionality can in some cases perform the task of institution-maintenance and in some cases even the task of institution creation.
Of course this is not the case, but the joke only works if the listener knew these doxastic truths.
I briefly postpone for now discussion of what difference it makes whether this risk is metaphysical or doxastic in nature.
Dependence coherentism, however, allows for doxastic basicality.
Conditional preferences allow modelling doxastic preference change.
Binkley fortifies this reasoning with doxastic logic.
The failure of Tennant's argument provides an opportunity to reflect on, among other things, the nature of Moore's paradox and the role of idealization in doxastic logic.
Doxastic logic is a modal logic that is concerned with reasoning about beliefs.
Montmarquet, Epistemic Virtue and Doxastic Responsibility vii.
So there is something special, and inferior, about moral faculties that reveals why the Doxastic Effect Argument does not overgeneralize.
Examples from Classical Literature
Parmenides, it is argued, maintained that doxastic cognition is an ineluctable and even appropriate aspect of mortal life.
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