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Growth response in distinction to the phototropic growth response, typically follows symmetrical illumination of the sporangiophore from above.
The philosophical distinction between truths of meaning and truths of fact does not reflect a genuine, explanatorily significant distinction.
As one ages, the distinction between the two is obliterated by extra skin, fat, and droopiness in the jowl area.
The distinction between experiential education and service learning is unclear.
In the rest of Italy, both clerics and laymen drafted documents, without any precise distinction of function or activity.
The distinction between over-policing and non-responsiveness was alive and well in Bed-Stuy.
The distinction from tuberculous lymphadenitis is very important, since these diseases have differing treatments and prognoses.
Gandley feels that any distinction between pro-anorexia sites and some healthy living sites are arbitrary.
According to Herodotus, the Egyptians once considered themselves the oldest people in the world, but later conceded this distinction to the Phrygians.
There's no mention of important ethical notions such as the distinction between hypothetical and categorical imperatives, or the criterion of universalisability.
Some were town musicians, others organists, Kantors, or Kapellmeister, and not a few were composers of at least local distinction.
When it comes to the history of violence, the significant distinction is not one between theistic and atheistic regimes.
This distinction between wanting and valuing requires far fuller explication than it has received so far.
This present political relevance of the Dreamtime helps to blur the distinction between past and present.
Purpose involves a distinction between what is and what might be and an appetition for some form of what might be.
The teachers are fighting a losing battle because even the language mavens are losing their grip on the distinction.
The most fundamental distinction in Patristic cosmology is that between the uncreated, which refers to God alone, and the created.
The choice between the interessive and inessive case in is not dependent on the type of ground, but is used for a subtle meaning distinction.
Your identity as an ailurophile is confirmed by cat hair on your clothes, but that is a distinction that most of us will gladly forfeit.
If there is no spiritual distinction between member and attender, the question is asked, Why have membership at all?
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