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The grinning jackanapes who has so arbitrarily dismantled the constitution is now half mad with power.
We dismantled the gas fire to get to the boiler, which was definitely a mistake.
We must all be vigilant before our fair and equitable system of health provision is dismantled before our eyes.
When he bought the property, Mr Green ordered the building to be dismantled and all the woodwork was carefully docketed and numbered.
The old scoreboard was dismantled recently and will be replaced by a new electronic one in the next few weeks.
The scale, which can be dismantled, is leveled with the floor of the building.
In addition, fire hoses in the residence hall were disconnected and partially dismantled because the equipment was outdated.
American protectorates in Cuba, Panama, Haiti, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic were modified or dismantled.
From 1991 to 1998, the UN Special Commission identified and dismantled almost all of Iraq's prohibited weapons.
The turbines would have a lifespan of 25 years and after that period would be decommissioned and dismantled.
Then the economics changed, and in 1983 the refinery was decommissioned, dismantled and shipped off somewhere in the Middle East.
As the Stalin Line had been largely dismantled, there was no defence in depth.
The table is covered with dismantled scaly things, things sliced and jellied, cross-sectioned things that squirmed the bottom of the sea.
And they dismantled an old English prejudice that continentals could not shoot.
They must be dismantled on an impermeable surface to avoid contaminating the ground.
The process was comparable to the way Byzantine imperial power dismantled Roman lineage rights.
In the 1920s the original bridge was dismantled to make way for the present suspension bridge.
Mobile phones, computers, electronic chokes and a model helicopter are some of the things that will be dismantled and assembled for the children.
It chimes with that awful embarrassment and fear of the family construct being dismantled.
Traditionally, the Ise Shrine was dismantled and rebuilt every 20 years using hinoki cypress lumber from Kiso.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He had almost the sense of disembodiment as he returned to the empty and dismantled room.
When the Governor realized that resistance would be useless, he ordered the guns to be dismantled, and returned to the statehouse.
Having thus dismantled and razeed the great ships, he proceeded to reconstruct them without and within.
The dismantled church was transformed into a riding-ring, with tanbark on the floor, and a leaping-bar.
He landed at Cushendun only to find that his castle on red bay was already burned and dismantled.
The Boadicea had been dismantled, and her anchor was never seen for six months.
We dismantled the airplane and trucked it back to the airport where it sat in a state of neglect for some time.
But the other rooms on her floor were dismantled and tenantless.
We lean on the battlement, long since dismantled, and gaze beneath us.
The brainchild will be left there and, presumably, dismantled.
Samarra Station was dismantled, but the engines and trucks were there.
Mantraps once set near here to discourage touts from watching horses work have long since been dismantled, be assured.
The Romans, in order to hold Capua, Carthage, and Numantia, dismantled them, and did not lose them.
I will stand,' returned Mr Haredale impatiently, 'on this dismantled, beggared hearth, and not pollute it, fallen as it is, with mockeries.
And I sent a schooner clear to Hawaii to bring back a dismantled sugar mill and a German who said he knew the field-end of cane.
She waited, looking through the open doorway opposite, down the wilderness of the dismantled Hall.
The FC spokesman said that the FC's Ghazaband Scouts' 70 personnel took part in the crackdown, during which the dens of the drug addicts were also dismantled.
In clowning there's no plot, only the logic of the partner's supreme status as a system, any system, to be deftly dismantled in bumbling sublimity.
Almost 10 minutes later and with 100 national stereotypes humourously dismantled, it was time for the pace to drop as Dunbar reminded the crowd of what really mattered.
This was still more strangely evinced by those of their number, who, completely paralysed as it were, helplessly floated like water-logged dismantled ships on the sea.
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